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Stop Serious Violation of Human Rights

The root of the evil... lay not in corruption but in the system which bred it, the alliance between industrialists and politicians which produced benefits in the form of tariffs, public lands, and federal subsidies: Samuel P Hays

US as great nation and global power are trying to end terrorism with Allies and war in Afghanistan has produced negative results because, the criminal, corrupt and actual terrorists are in power. My 30 years research work is on the record for serious violation of human rights in Pakistan as a sample model. An accountability system is required to get back corruption money. Serious violation of human rights in Pakistan and else where directly affects the war on terrorism and it has an affect on global economies even affecting health cure measures in US.

Mega Project is based on over 30 years research and analysis including large number of projects ensuring complete guarantee to all participants. I have large number of resources to make it global peace and stability and ending terrorism project. I, my wife, two of our sons and a daughter are owner of 300 canals of land. Relative of my step mother (4 houses) 13 of thieves, frauds, terrorists and killers have been engaged in killing of 17 persons and they had occupied the lands. There is proof of corruption , fraud, terrorism and many crimes against this gang , revenue , police , and all others going up to the killers of Bezanir Bhutto with corruption of over $ 1.63 trillion by over 534 criminals in 17 countries. Like everything else in life, there are no guarantees in any venture we undertake but I am bound and determined to make this project successful. I have ensured that it goes as highly successful project as given in excellence in business.  I am sure proposed board can provide the assurances to any private investor who would step forward to make this project a reality. Board would review full business plans, executive summaries and multiple year Cash Flow Analysis Plans for the project.     

I am currently in need of a global board of directors to support the mega project that I have ready to go upon the completion of an agreement. I am looking for the groups to screw the killers and terrorists using my 30 years research work and proofs to get back corruption money, compensation for my thefts, killing attacks, mental torture and others. I have lot of research work, planned projects, solution to problems, new innovations, new jobs, special security and much more for generation of over $ 12 millions for the project. There are lot many investors who have contacted us for investment but these may be frauds in many cases hence I want a board to kook after this issue. I can not give full details because most of these are new innovative projects though some 3% free advertisements had been given to rulers who had cheated. We have many offers of investment. $12M with a payback within two years 40% return is available using my research work, publications, strategy, plans, and free solutions. I also have access to the programs, with investment firms that protect your investment and can provide a much larger return on your investment. The investment that I seek is for the acquisition of S12 millions and the start up of a business. I will provide all details of my project and assurances to board of directors. Help yourself for establishing global peace and ending terrorism by joining to sign the petitions.

 New Health Care Rules Protect Consumers

Part-1: Obama deserves highest compliment for protecting the consumers by introducing New Health Care Rules. President Obama highlighted the new policy Affordable Care Act explained by Nancy in press conference that will require insurance companies to spend at least 80 to 85 percent of premium dollars on medical care and health care quality improvement, rather than on administrative costs, starting in 2011.  If they don%u2019t, the insurance companies will be required to provide a rebate to their customers starting in 2012. Policy has been highly appreciated by many associations, unions, societies and many of congressmen as posted by Stephanie Cutter on November 22, 2010. "The Affordable Care Act for the first time requires health insurance companies to disclose information that is intended to help consumers understand the value they are getting for the premiums they pay. This strong rule will help to ensure that patients are accurately informed about the portion of their premiums that are spent on medical care instead of company profits, broker commissions or administrative costs. Many Consumer groups, Congressional leaders and advocates are praising the new rules for helping to give consumers a better value for their premium dollar and brining transparency to the health insurance marketplace Osama%u2019s has taken a major step forward to ensure consumers more value for their health care dollars, increasing transparency and requiring health insurers to spend 80 to 85 percent of consumers%u2019 premiums on direct care for patients and efforts to improve care quality. Many individual health care insurance companies are charging high premiums and yet spend 30 percent or more on administrative costs, high salaries, and profits.  The American public deserves to know what happens to their premium dollars, and they deserve to have those dollars devoted to providing health care services. By increasing transparency and making clear how insurers spend premium dollars, health reform helps end insurance companies%u2019 abuses, including unjustified premium increases. The new medical loss ratio standard will help consumers get better value for their health insurance. It would ensure that at least 80 cents of every patient%u2019s premium dollar is spent on medical care. 

Part-2: The compliment to Obama may be used to suggest further improvements in other systems.  This important consumer protection is another example of how health reform will help consumers even before full implementation of the law in 2014. An accountable system is required to be refined ensuring implementation of New Health Care Rules. TPI Inc board of Directors has asked Julia to comment on the situation for analysis, correction and improvement and she has following comment:-

Premium 25 % being spent is too less insurance companies must spend 68% going towards 80 %. Consumers getting benefits 1.3 % more must understand that 60 % comes from global strategy of US that is coming as 20% due to 750 millions spent by marketing and sales throw media on negative activity just throwing shit out of the boat wasting public money. Doctors are getting 9% more benefits hence this issue must be stopped for exploitation. In Pakistan, the lack of accountability, corruption, fake medicines and other issues at global level does affect US economy hence we suggest integration of resources at UN level. We would be addressing 15 of problems   associated with implementation if terrorist gangs are handled blocking our activity. All corruption is direct hit on US economy? The abusers, mental destroyers, criminals out laws, devil liars (lawyers) , under world gangs, mafia (land, arms, terrorists,) and 8000 corrupt criminal from 44 family%u2019s political gangs so called political parties have very strong network to support terrorists and terrorist generators. The blood suckers, blood sellers and killers in hospitals are also part of beast among the worst jungle creatures where no laws of jungle exist. Serious violation of human rights in Pakistan unmanaged by 132 Mosad agents with historical corruption of $ 1.3 Trillions in 17 countries, 57634 raw agents under governor general is assumed as American colony  unmanaged by terrorist gangs and killers running their own press and media.

Part-3: Any corruption in lawless jungle of Pakistan is loss to US economy? My wife among 3 women crippled, sick and old  representing 3 families with all members killed by killing gang of Numberdar is still under shock of terrorist attack by 13 terrorists , the killer of 13 persons of my family who had launched over 13 killing attacks on me and terrorist attacks on 13 of witnesses. This woman was attacked along with my over 85 year blind and sick sister of my mother Ruqia killed due to this terrorists attack the only survival of my maternal side. Gang of Ghafur & Aziz killer of 17 have innovative killing technologies evolved since 1904 when they tried to grab the post of Numberdar. Master mind killers sisters of Aziz the man specially born after killing of Aziz s/o Imam are Zebun & Manure, Wayalat husband of Zebun. Blood of my wife was sucked and sold by hospital under the cover of 4 of tests and they also tried to kill me by sucking my blood. Comment has been given. In this jungle of corrupt terrorists, I am not even allowed to write the story of my 13 *2 killing attacks, 13 killings of my family, 13 terrorists attacks, we must evolve a strategy to establish an accountability system to end corruption that has destroyed our economy. Actual terrorists and mafia send their tout and horses in political gangs. . The comment for written in response abuses in the comments. The abuses and mental tortures could be reduced by integrating all resources and using some method like mega project and handling of case mentioned for generation of resources. Pakistani nation is grateful to global community, NGOs, UN, US and all others who have provided relief, loans, grants and help but we have to evolve the strategy for solution. More than 15 million people are affected by Pakistan%u2019s worst flooding in 80 years, with at least 1,600 fatalities, according to estimates from the government of Pakistan but actual losses have yet to be calculated. Let us evolve a strategy for a solution. My internet was blocked, mobile was blocked, economic destruction was launched, agency man blood in eyes was at my door and other methods of serious violation of human rights were repeated.

Part-4:  Terrorists and killers claim public vote to digest $ 1.5 trillions that is US loss from this colony? Senate in house of corruption is very interesting where mafia, terrorists, killers, rejected lot get the chance of purchasing the seat. 10 million cows from Punjab are represented by one senator = 1 million from Sindh = 0.1 million from NWFP = 10, 000 from Baluchistan = 1000 from Fata. NO votes required, you have to be sponsored by mafia or terrorists. No party elections , no moral bindings now , you must be fake degree holder , criminal , terrorists or mafia man to join gang of terrorists and public killers and must have sufficient money to purchase the seat. You could have pre sale agreement for release of prisoners , you can sell terrorists posts in terrorist departments like revenue , police , utility bill killers , corporations , promise of contractors , subcontractors to collect black money to purchase the seat of corruption house. System of earning black money by gang of criminal , corrupt terrorists run by mafia through political gangs 8000 from 44 families I lawless jungle called Pakistan for the benefit of terrorists and land mafia sponsored by mafia , Mosad and Raw agents with assumed stamp of US is a system of public killing for earning money. Terrorists run their own press and media and official press and media is sold lot of yellow journalism kicking the judiciary, forces and supporting mafia? Let us assume TPI Inc. that has offered over 0.5 million free solutions. Why the %u2018aid%u2019 given by our friends is not reaching the public but portion reaching the public is %u2018aids%u2019 a constant disease. A monkey was a judge to distribute butter equally between two claimants. To be fair and honest judge the monkey used an accurate balance with pans. The butter was dividing in two portions and money used her mouth to balance the pieces. The balance showed exact and correct state but both pans were empty. We have gangs of snake, swine, wolf and other animal to distribute the budget and national income in a monkey fashion. We simply request terrorists and killer gang in power to eat away 60% and leave 40% for $ 90 billion foreign loans and Rs 45 trillion local loans but they eat $ 1000 out of $ 100

Part-5: Earth quake aid $ 3500 announced in two installments was given $ 300 if 1/5th was paid to Patwari. Eva with film of past, present and future as VP Control Desk TP Inc. runs the film for you. We predict 96.9 % aids and grants to be eaten in flood relief. Over 60 % reduction in non-development expenses, reduction of greatest army of ministers, accountability system and getting back corruption money is vital. National income of Rs 8 Trillions reaches Rs 4 T and after paying annual interest rates on $ 86 billion foreign and Rs.16 T internal loans, we get income of Rs1 Trillion. So called revenue generation rather looting of public 1200 % extra utility bills and other corruption techniques public pays Rs 37 trillion reaching amount is Rs.13 Trillion. We have total of Rs14 trillion. The criminal, corruption gang and terrorist%u2019s so-called parliament with 57 % increase in size and 1500 % pay and allowances get Rs7.5 trillion. Rs 3.5 Trillions goes to largest army of 3500 criminals and corrupt terrorist called ministers, advisors and on high posts. Rs 3.5 trillions go to so-called opposition. Budget of Rs 23 Trillions shows apparent deficit of Rs 8 trillions. Total annual looting and corruption is thus 4 24 3 = 31 trillions .The total killing in floods , terrorism and other 1980 is 45 millions and looting/corruption of Rs 148 trillions. Where is money $ 2.19 Trillions? Mr.80% ticket blackmailer has $ 1.63 trillions in 17 accounts in 9 countries; he also has 27 local accounts. 7 ministers /advisors each with $ 26 millions out of gang of terrorists 132 Mosad agents%u2019 criminal terrorists are just a recent example. 426 politicians had Rs 8.5 billions loans as written off termed as Rs 4.5 billions. Rs 32 billion corruption by black marketers and other goes 7% to politicians, 15 % to hired killers police, 6% to press and media , and 24 % to anti corruption. We want an accountability system to get back the money but all system is built on corruption.   

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