Mom and kids beat kittens with baseball bat  
#   UPDATE: Sadly Dexter passed in Early August 2011 from his injuries constant and uncontrollable seizures set upon the poor kitten at that date... two months.after the attack.... Kind diligent  Veterinarian had no choice:  no treatment.for trauma to brain like he had.. but mercy through euthanasia!
This petition will not close but live on as Dexter didn't make it! To let his death not be in Vain
the sad story below.....
 **The court  has extended hearing date until April 13th *** She fired her public defender and new lawyer is  requesting even more time to gather depositions from uncooperative witnesses to the crime in the park. This extension is granted to insure prosecution of the monster. Failure to allow them 'adequate time' to impose sanctions and obtain depositions from uncooperative witnesses could be basis for a successful appeal to win the 'monster mom' her freedom in case of certain conviction!  Patience: justice wheels sometimes grind slow but surely will put her in jail where she belongs!

* No plea deal has beeen done with a slap on the wrist and no jail time! Trial for the Monster Mom! Jail is certain sentence as she has no defense based on eyewitness accounts of her crime by ten children and at least one adult. Her boyfriend's sister testified she saw her with a baseball bat beating kittens .  Thanks to all of you signing and watching!

June 8,2011 Brookesville,Florida ...a public park ..Newspaper story link at end of this horrific account!
At 8 weeks old, a small black and white kitten named Dexter is lucky to be alive after his owner and her two young sons took him to a neighborhood park and beat him and another kitten with an aluminum bat. Dexter is clinging to life, but his brother died as a result of his injuries.

Four children at a park in Brooksville, Florida watched in horror last Friday evening when they saw 24-year-old Wilana Joenel Frazier and her two sons -- one 8 years old and the other 5 -- torture the two small kittens.

Demand justice for the tortured kittens.

Frazier hit the kittens with a baseball bat and encouraged her children to kick the animals and throw them against a tree. Then they placed the kittens on a swing. When one of the animals died, the boys put him in a trash can and covered him with water.

By the time Linda Christian, a Hernando County Animal Services officer, arrived on the scene little Dexter had been rescued and wrapped in a white T-shirt by one of the boys who witnessed the event. Blood was running from the kitten's nose and mouth. Soon he began to have seizures from the trauma to his brain.

When Christian touched the kitten, he began to convulse. Christian told the St. Petersburg Times, "I thought I was going to lose him at that point. It was very upsetting."

Christian rushed Dexter to the Pet Luv Nonprofit Spay and Neuter Clinic and miraculously the small ball of fur has survived the first few critical days. Employees at the clinic care for him during the day and a veterinary technician has been taking him home each night.  

Dexter is able to keep his medication down, is eating from a feeding tube and has started to walk a little on his own. But veterinarians are still very concerned about potential damage to Dexter's brain and are not sure if he will ultimately succumb to his injuries.
Rick Silvani, president of Pet Luv said, "All animals have a right to life, but a helpless, defenseless kitten... You don't know what to say. It's just incomprehensible." The group has agreed to cover the costs of Dexter's medical care.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office questioned Frazier, but she denied being involved and said her children were not part of the beating either. However authorities charged Frazier on two counts of cruelty to animals and two charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is out of jail on $3,500 bail.

From Update: Kittens Beaten By Woman And Her Kids by Sharon Seltzer
*Pet Luv  has a donation site and FB page updates.. several times a day on Dexter's condition
Florida's Felony Animal Abuse Law is new and needs a precedent set that will deter anyone from this type of behavior! Let's make sure that Dexter the kitten gets the justice that he deserves! petitions automatically close upon reaching  goal.,. but can increase or be lowered at any time,  before that occurs.!    We would like to increase in increments to 250,000!    Will you help in that goal and post it all over the civilized world,: join social networks and blogs,  animal activist sites.   A united stand: one voice, one World  that no people throughout the World will stand by without uttering a cry at this behavior!   98%of Florida cases are plead out to lesser charges  ...Please, we beg you help prevent this from happening!
*Pet Luv has no association at all with this petition. the post here was put in here without their permission or knowledge of such... it is here merely for informative purposes

We, the undersigned, implore you to seek maximum prosecution in the charges of the accused, Wilana Joenel Frazier. She has flagrantly broken the law and showed no remorse for her crimes. The presence of other minors who witnessed and rescued one of the hapless victims increases the scope and nature of this criminal act. The trauma upon the innocent children and heinous nature of the crimes is unacceptable in a civilized society. The defiance and uncooperative nature of the accused should be taken as of deserving maximum prosecution to the full limits of the Statute Code. An example of extraordinary proportions needs to be set for such behavior. We implore that no plea bargaining be offered. We insist that she is menace to society at large. Indeed her own children can be considered to be in harms way and in imminent peril. We ask that they be removed as soon as humanly possible. We ask that her parental rights also to be terminated as provided by State Statutes. Her unborn child must also be similarly protected from the violent, anti-social nature of its mother. Therefore, we ask for the immediate removal and assignment of the child as a ward of the State upon its birth. Such exceptional means are required to insure the safety and well being of an innocent. We ask further that she also be charged with the additional charge of incriminating a minor. Her instruction on how to kill and torture is inexcusable and criminal child abuse. We ask further that she be considered as a threat to the safety and well being of any and all children that she may encounter. We ask that she be forbidden contact with any as an additional measure of safety for all.
In light of the extreme nature of these multiple crimes committed in public with total disregard for the consequences of such actions, we feel that consecutive sentencing for the crimes would be warranted in this instance.  We further ask that her bail be revoked on these grounds:  1) She has exhibited extreme sociopathic behavior;  2)  Her denial of the crimes, knowing that she was witnessed by four or more witnesses, is irrational;  3) Her apparent lack of remorse or concern for the consequences of her alleged crimes; and  4) The statement she made while she encouraged  her own children to continue the unspeakable acts as she gave them the baseball bat, exhibits extreme psychotic behavior.  The kittens were neither females nor capable of that slang moniker.  We feel that, due to these exceptional circumstances, her unfettered presence in society would be unreasonable.  We are asking for house confinement with a monitoring device to ensure same, if the judge in this case denies the above requests.  We further respectfully request that no plea bargaining be offered to her.  Indeed, no reduction of any of these alleged multiple charges for which she is currently accused should be allowed.  Please prosecute to the fullest extent with extreme penalties that the law allows.  We, the World will be watching, following, and demanding that justice be served for this heinous crime!  In order to serve as an example to civilization that American justice truly supports the pursuit of happiness, freedom from persecution and bodily harm, and the rights of all -- innocent, defenseless animals included! 

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