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Over the last two centuries, we have witnessed unprecedented ecological deterioration, including the thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, pollution of air, land, and water, daily extinction of plant and animal species, continuing destruction of vast portions of the world's wildlife habitat and loss of vital agricultural land.

Scientific research continues to show that the causes of these problems are not just global ones but individual ones as well.

As property owners, each of us has the opportunity to affect not just the environmental health of our land, but because of the interconnectedness of all land and all species, the continued health of the entire planet. 

 However, many individual citizens do not have the scientific knowledge required to guide us to make the best environmental choices for our homes and lands.

The mission of any government is to prepare its citizens to meet the significant contemporary challenges and the future issues of our society and to instill in them a strong personal commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  Such obligations require both example and instruction.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, urge the officials of international, national, state and local governments to join in to create a Take Care of Your Share campaign; a concerted effort to educate and encourage their citizens to Take Care of Their Share of the environment in their own homes and yards.

Through this campaign, we ask that you draw together the scientific knowledge available from the various environmental departments and educational facilities within your communities to create on-line or other means of educational resources so that our citizens can make sound environmental choices.

We ask for your help and encouragement in learning to restore the natural beauty of our great land while supporting a clean and safe environment for future generations. 

We ask for the opportunity to change our own behaviors and embrace new alternatives for living in our environment.

We ask that you help us to work as individuals and as a community to minimize inappropriate practices and implement positive contributions to the health of our environment and our planet;

We ask that you examine your community's own environmental practices to assure that we are minimizing our negative impact on the environment and setting a good example as environmentally responsible citizens in a world that requires increasing understanding and sensitivity to the environmental issues that face mankind.

Further, we request that you enact a proclamation encouraing your citizens to accept responsiblity to Take Care of Their Share of the planet;  to remind all citizens  that Freedom means Choice, and with their Independence comes the opportunity to make the right choices for the environmental health of our planet.

Help us preserve what we share together - our land, water, and air.  Help us learn to Take Care of Our Share.

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