Illinois New law on University and colleges will activate Humane Animal Sport: create rural US jobs.

  • by: Eduardo De La Pena
  • target: Gov Pat Quinn,Illinois, Public University and colleges of Ilinois,   Wayne  Pacelle CEO Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International "HSI", 

News Alert: New gov’t-University law offers grant, free R&D,  manufacture. Inventor will submit Youtube video protos, CD, dwgs, system study, diagram of invention to be MADE IN AMERICA.
College Technology Entrepreneur Centers (HB 1876/PA 97-0196): Authorizes the board of trustees of each public university and community college in Illinois to create a technology entrepreneur center, which will provide goods and personnel to innovators who possess an innovative concept that has not yet been offered for sale. The goal is to help them develop their concept to the point where it can become a business venture.

The sport  is non lethal and harmless than rooster fighting in their wildlife environment. Rooster do not die under the care of veterinarian.

Prior to reading below briefs for legal exemption, economic & employment growth, the petition signers are enjoined to view our sport’s package. : The one and only videos will showcase  The Humane alternative to cockfighting that; ---

Even the blinds will know they are winning by just counting hitound; E=roosterbox fights score in the air, mid-air and wrestle in the ground; Like basketball, the fight is improved with visual scoring board, timer and audio. Like boxing, martial arts, karate, taekwondo the rooster fight can be broadcasted blow by blow…

In the spirit of unity to attain economic growth, this petition by the people implore the HSUS and our political leaders to consider   immediately the use of a non-lethal humane invention as exempted from existing cockfighting laws for its implementation to regain economic prosperity.


1. Animal Fighting Prohibition Act. Signed by Pres. Bush… Felony level penalties for interstate and foreign animal transport and outlawing razor sharp knives and ice pick attached to the birds leg.

Comment: The invention replaces the knives and ice pick with electronic sensor. E-roosterbox is humane and non-lethal.

2. Depiction of Animal Cruelty: Law signed by Pres. Clinton, Exception—Subsection (a) does not apply to any depiction that has serious religious, political scientific, educational journalistic, historical or artistic value.

Comment: The US Supreme Court has struck down on animal cruelty (8- 



March 2, 2010. The Humane Society of the United States “HSUS” wrote in the internet:

Alternative testing methods have many advantages over traditional animal tests—including being more humane—but implementing an alternative from idea to acceptance can take years.

The word “alternative” is used to describe any change in an animal test that achieves one or more of the three R’s 1 not applicable …

2. Reduces the number of animals in a procedure

3. Refines a procedure to alleviate or minimize potential animal pain.


The invention being humane and non-lethal clearly achieves two of the three R’s:

2. The invention will discontinue the unabated illegal cockfights in several states which reduces the animals in the deadly practice and save police, court and incarceration expenditure.

3. The humane invention will alleviate animal pain in e-roosterbox. Rooster will not be maimed wounded or killed. E roosterbox is a humane alternative to cockfighting.

Note: The HSUS statement refers to animal testing in general. In the comment, this author relegates the humane invention as the testing mechanism over cockfighting issues

Further we will invite HSUS, Animal Lovers, the Department of Agriculture , US congress, sports association to a panel that will write books on healthy rules and regulation regulating the new industry inclusive of quarantine and microchips to prevent pandemics, and others to assure a humane gloves and futuristic e-roosterbox model worthy of global legacy and franchise.


Cockfighting consists of the good and the bad attributes. The bad is the use of drugs and knives which are rightfully banned. The good attributes are the livelihood and billion dollar industry lost due to the ban.


Hurried legislation inserted in the Farm Bill prohibits transport of Gamecocks in interstate and foreign commerce in fighting venture using sharp instruments.


While the ban was premised to prevent cruelty, it triggered the collapse of the good economic factors of cockfighting which are the billion dollar industry, depriving the small farmers of their livelihood, causing dysfunctional property values and unemployment in accessory businesses, prohibiting export and import of gamefowl and contributing to recession woes.

Social stigma traumatized the labor of the industry which suddenly are target of police surveillance on felony charges relating to cockfighting criminal acts such as being a mere spectator. The sub group shunned societal communication by inhibiting to share their email.


1. International sale of gamefowl and medical supplies. At that time, transport and air cargoes had brisk business.

2. Feed Stores: needs land and building, delivery trucks, feeds and medical supplies. Inventory such as tie cord, scratch pen, fly pen, hatchery, feed and water tray.  (We can research the manufacturer of each item and prepare stats of employment.)

3. Cockpit: needs land and building, security, electronics, maintenance staff, referee, veterinarians, office equipment, crowd control, wide parking areas.

4. Generally during derbies, hotel, motel are full with cockfighters who are the financier of the breeders. Restaurants have a holiday.

5. Small Rural breeders are generally called backyard breeders. The family is the feeder, water boy, quack doctor but they invest on small hatchery, tie cord, fencing, teepee and others. The family like on the old days depend on their nutrition from eggs, pullet, culled hens and stags but retain the best healthy roosters to fight or for sale.

6. Commercial breeders maintain large tract of land. They invest on feeder’s equipment, hatchery, teepee, fly pens and several poultry houses; Investment is high on security fencing against predators like owl, bobcats, dogs and others.

Most importantly, implementation of e=roosterbox will somehow cure the societal trauma of the labor of the industry by again mixing head high with the community. Criminal cockfighters will be passé.


Petition Pres. Obama and Congress to enact legislation to exempt the implementation of E=roosterbox from cockfighting laws  No need to request for repeal of existing laws.

Undeniably, the breeding industry incurred   losses due to the government ban. To recoup its  losses, legislation  calls  for  the Small Business Administration  to commensurate a long term, low interest rate loan to the labor, accessory  manufacturing and service suppliers of the industry, under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture. SB should also entertain loan to   manufacture  the prototypes of the invention unless an Angel commits to the project.

Justification of the loan are:  the applicants have centuries of experiences, the  potential number of employment to be generated nationwide is much greater or 10 fold of some billion dollar stimulus project. The recovery loan does not use tax payer’s bailout money.  E=roosterbox is taxable.

Governors with the consent of the legislature should also exempt the e=roosterbox from state cockfighting laws. Although some contend the affirmative certification of the Attorney General with the consent of the governor may be sufficient.


It is common knowledge among breeders and cockfighters that whoever wins the World Slasher Derby in the Philippines would emerge wealthy. The winning gamecocks’ progeny stags and hens for breeding command a high price similar to Price of Horse Racing Champion Stallion. .

Basic difference between a traditional cockfight and an e=rooster box is that in traditional cockfight, gamecock fights till death. Winning record of the champion therefore is very hard to maintain. In E=roosterbox, a Champion “alive” maintain a fighting win-loss record like a professional boxer and winning stallions.

Online Rooster e sport fight is planned to be shown in TV, internet with the world as spectator. Each fight will be in video showing the photo of owner, breed, and age, color of bird and photo of the leg scales to serve as finger print. The fight will retain statistics of win-loss, fighting style, number of score and ranking for the championship in each division. Very important is the creation of Cyber Market to showcase the members for sale breed.

Horse Racing is the sport of the wealthy. The poor can afford to own and train a gamefowl which the poor hope to be a champion. They can become famous and wealthy as Champion owner recorded in the internet.


-- In a short 3 years span induced by the exodus of American Breeders and accessory businesses due to the cockfighting ban. . Case in point, is the 2011 stag Bakbakan Derby (refer to internet) which suddenly can afford a cash prize of $1million (P40, 000.00) with P2milion bonus to the winning association.

The 50 states and other countries can duplicate this phenomenal growth with a humane stag derby and online e=roosterbox with a Cyber market servicing correlated countries. Notable advantage over traditional cockfighting is each State or nation will have its own Champion Alive to contest the State and hopefully the World Online e=rooster championship.


Internet reported that in Thailand, an Olympic type cockboxing was innovated. China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and several countries participated. The cockboxing initiated efforts to protect the gamecocks . A veterinarian, referee and 4 judges one on each side of the ring control the fight. The gamecocks fight was too fast that the 4 judges cannot maintain scoring consistencies. It was decided to start the judging in the 4th round when the gamecocks were slow and tired.

Nords de France Calais region was exempted by Charles de Gaul from the ban on cockfighting. This region became the meeting place of Briton’s and other nationalities that would flock to enjoy their national sport. But as the policing of the ban was strict on transport of Gamecocks, the English et al cockfighters raise their breed in the neighboring village. This is similar to the exodus of American Breeders to the Philippines due to the cockfighting ban.

Nord Pas-de Calais in France has dozens of gallodrome (French Arena for cockfight).

A European Gamefowl Boxing Association was headed by a long time chat friend Willem Ballekom. He frontiered the Naked Heel Cockboxing in France, Calais.

There may be Gamefowl boxing in US CockO hideaway which this author is not against because it is being practiced for the perpetuation of the gamefowl species.




Inventor met with The Games and Amusement Board chairman of the Philippines. “GAB” which regulates professional sport likes boxing, cockfighting, wrestling, horse racing & Jai Alai.  A topic discussed was that since the gamefowl does not die in E=roosterbox, the gamecocks contest may be categorized from flyweight to Heavyweight and follow Professional boxing rules. Win-loss record will be maintained to qualify for the championship. Each event is still similar to the Cockfight derby.


The inventor has developed a Philanthropic betting method derived from Philanthropy of Foundations. This means that most of the lottery winnings will go to the beneficiary.  For ex. The 35million Hispanic wants to raise $100 million immediately to donate to a severe flooding in Mexico. The online e=roosterbox will arrange a derby of champion of 48 rooster. Each rooster will be assigned the number 1-48 and will eliminate each other. The last remaining 6 number in the elimination shall be the lottery number. Imagine if the UN Foundation will request to hold an E= Roosterbox with a Nation vs Nation contest on Bantam to heavy category at the same time.  Earnings will be substantial to raise funds for the interest of the world.

The inventor accede that A USA made prototypes connotes  universal security and in fact has written University of Tennessee , the Farm Bureau and legislature to consider modifying  Don Bosco’s prototype endeavor  Inventor is  sourcing US Electronic Companies to exclusively manufacture  on the patent life of the invention.

The project challenges Olympic, boxing, taekwondo, martial art couches to train the rooster to be world champion. The rooster fight schedule shall be like UFC, HBO, WBC from Bantamweight to the heavyweight division. Winner of the fight is ranked to qualify for the championship. The fly division will be allocated to children’s corner on miniature poultry roosters and exotic birds.


Patent files indicated that inventor hired Vincent Smith, a patent illustrator and designer who referred Patent Atty  Stephen Carver of little Rock to file the Rooster Electronic Invention at the USPTO . Inventor contracted the Dean of Don Bosco Technical College Philippines Stephen Ruiz who authored the Roostertronic System Feasibility Study. The DBTC students and professors developed the prototypes uploaded to the Current Patent Attorneys for IPO ph are Atty Krizelle Marie Poblacion and Atty  Brigitte Da costa villaluz.

Who is sponsoring your petition?

We the undersigned respectfully request your good heart to approve our petition.

Petition approval is a legacy to the world for reviving 4000 yrs. old cockfighting with the marvel of miniature electronic sensor to replace the deadly knife.  Surf:

“Even the blinds will know they are winning by just counting hit sound; e=roosterbox fights score in the air, mid-air and wrestle in the ground; Like basketball, the fights is improve with visual scoring board, timer and audio. The fight can be broadcasted blow by blow…”


The approval will free the breeder of the billion dollar industry to restart their livelihood and the medical suppliers, feed stores, manufacturing and service industry to reactivate trade.Revival of these economic multipliers will enhance jobs and economic growth in the 50 States of US and around the world.

Errata: The undersigned edited this petition formerly addresssed to US congress and Pres. Obama about March 2, 2012 and therefore signatories on and after march 3 are the only signatories addessed to Gov Pat quinn and  the above addressee.


Eduardo dela Pena

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