Legalize Hemp as an alternative to logging.

Industrial Hemp has many uses but has been tainted by marijuana's reputation, a strain of the cannabis plant long used for spiritual purposes. But industrialized hemp contains virtually no thc, the cannabanoid that causes the "high" in ganja. Many references to the hemp plant have been made throughout history including references in the bible and George Washington. Things that in the past and present have been made out of hemp are as follows: cloth {canvas is the dutch word for cannabis}, paper { a higher quality more long lasting paper not to mention an acre of hemp is 4 times as productive as clear cutting an acre of forest}, and hemp cultivated for food produces a very nutritious seed. For these reasons and many more I cannot comprehend why America has not legalized hemp as much of the world has. Also if you are not yet convinced hemp has also proven to be a very effective carbon sink. 
We the undersigned would like to propose that be bring the once productive hemp industry back from the grave in Maryland as it ahs been done in much of the world. Hemp is not to be confused with marijuana, it's high inducing sister, but a highly productive source of fiber and even food. The hemp plant, as you may well know, has been praised by our founding fathers. George Washington said to sow the hemp seed wherever it may grow and for a long time it mandatory to grow hemp.   But I shall state what is no doubt to be feared by a politician. This fear is the unreasonable fear of marijuana. Marijuana is already a common possession among people in this day and age. It is almost always available and is less dangerous than alcohol. It is on these terms I state my point, those who want to use marijuana will use marijuana whether laws are in place or not. The difference is that we are over burdening the prison systems with innocent pot smokers when we could save ourselves the time and money and give in to the inevitable. The fear that the use of marijuana will spread unprecedented is an unreasonable one.   But none the less we are talking about industrial hemp at the moment which will not get you high. The "Green" market is now begining to grow { sustainable products, not weed} and hemp of all things is very sustainable and productive. An acre of hemp produces four times as much fiber as an acre of a tree farm does. This could potentially lessen our dependence on logging. It was the timber industry that banished hemp in the first place.     In this age of the supposed "Green Revolution" such a sustainable useful plant would be welcome with open arms. Not only would this plant slightly relieve our dependence on lumber but the paper and clothing made from it is much more durable and of a higher quality. Unfortunately hemp products at the moment, due to the fact that hemp is illegal, are rather high end and expensive. If, however, it became legal and the hemp industry was allowed to expand and become more efficient it could be a benefactor to the state. Eventually hemp cloths would be available to the many instead of just the wealthy and environmentally concerned. I thank you for your time and sincerely hope you will consider my proposal. 
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