Legalize Sugar Gliders as pets in California

Having owned sugar gliders for several years and understanding their care, including dietary and temperature regulation needs, I don't think that gliders would survive without owner care in California.  That said I see no reason that glider pet ownership should not be allowed in the state.  They are small caged animals that provide great companionship. 
These creatures being no larger than a flying squirrel but being in the marsupial family are banned for no other reason than that they fall into the marsupial category; which are banned completely as 'all species.'  These animals are also diet specific needing certain amounts of things like calcium, being rich in their native land, and very low to zero amounts of things like phosphorous, which is nearly non-existent in their native land.  Also, these two particular items are almost opposite in natural existence in the states as compared to their native land.
I would say that it would be highly unlikely that Sugar Gliders would be able to survive in the wild in the state of California and in light of that information should be allowed, even if under limited circumstances such as with a license or only if they are unable to procreate (via neutering of all males).
We the undersigned propose that ownership of Sugar Gliders as pets in the state of California should be legalized.  Gliders are small mammals that fall into the family of marsupials.  Currently the state of California  has all marsupials as pets banned. 
Gliders are no larger than a flying squirrel.  They are native to Indonesia and surrounding countries.  They typically live in a warm, tropical climate and eat vegetation, tree sap, insects, and small vertebrates such as birds and mice.  They need high levels of calcium and little to no phosphorous and iron.  These nutrients, in the correct amounts, would be difficult for them to find naturally in California.
Gliders have also been in the United States for about 15 years and have been bred and raised in captivity for that long.  They have been domesticated and as such should be made legal in all states.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this petition.  We eagerly await your response.
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