Boycott McDonalds - the biggest ANIMAL KILLER of all times

The cruelty that occurs behind doors in the McDonalds order, not many people know. They are responsible of a big killing of pigs, chickens, cows, not to mention their food is so full of  preservatives it's really unhealthy.

For all Animal Lovers & Vegan (wich is the same thing, plus the activists) of the world, let's sign and bring awareness that we can indeed do something about this chain of evil that McDonald is and boycott, help others realize and to do the same.

More and more Vegan restaurants and fast foods that are so delicious and so taste like meat for those who really still want to eat that we need to shut down places like McDonalds or Kentucky, but this is for another petition.

Animal Lovers, Vegans, Animal Activists, People Who Adopt, Save & Rescue, I love you, thank you so much and I pray for you all the time.
We Vegans, Animal Activists, Animal Lovers, Rescuers and Saviors want to warn you McDonalds evil chain to begin a change  in the way you handle your bussiness. Your cows, pigs, chickens and in Japan: shrimps, fishes and God knows what else are not being paid or asked if they want to end up being a sandwich.

Not even one Vegan 'happy' meal you have. The last thing there is in McDonalds is something related to happiness and I will continue to create one petition after another and one campaign after another so I can help those who cannot speak.

Begin the change, it's time to stop the animal killing. One day if this continues this way McDonalds will not exist, as so many Vegans fast food gain more and more customers daily.
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