No Kill Animals Shelters for Sydney, NSW

As Residents and Ratepayers of the Sydney Metropolitan area, we would like the opportunity to promote No Kill Animal Shelters with our Members of Parliament, Local Governments and Shires. We would like these Local Governments and Shires, with high euthanasia rates in their animal holding facilities, develop plans that would create safe havens for our surrendered animals, till they are rehomed, as well as promote responsible ownership.

We understand that this is a challenging task but know it is possible. The City  of Sydney Council, Sutherland Shire Council and Wyong Shire Council have all implemented strategies to reduce the euthanasia rates of healthy companion animals through working with their communities, and implementing practical solutions.

We request that facilities with high euthanasia rates employ staff that are steadfast in their commitment to embracing and practicing all established elements of the progressive, cost-effective, compassionate and ethically-sound No-Kill philosophy

Note: Many of these kill facilities appear to have low euthanasia rates because they are reliant on not for profit rescue groups, with limited resources,  to rescue impounded animals and keep their kill rates low.

We, the Residents and Ratepayers, of the Sydney Metropolitan area, no longer desire to financially, or by any other means, support the euthanasia of companion animals surrendered to Blacktown Council Shire Animal Holding Facility, Canterbury Animal Shelter, Renbury Farm Animal Shelter, nor any other facility with a high euthanasia rate. 

We respectfully demand reform with full implementation of sound No-Kill philosophy practices such as, but not limited to:

1)    Animal-compassionate Managers for the above mentioned facilities, NOT versed, compliant and entrenched in Kill Shelter experience/mind-set, but instead committed to core practices of the No-Kill philosophy;

2)    Accessible, high-volume, low-cost desexing surgery (safe and standard practices only) made available by either these Councils and Shires, or their animal holding facilities, to low income earners and pensioners residing in their municipalities, for their companion animals.

4) All animals will be desexed upon departure from these facilities, except ones that are too young. Strategies will be put in place to ensure that these young animals will be desexed prior to reaching sexual maturity by their new owners.

3)    Comprehensive Adoption Program for all healthy and treatable companion animals, regardless of age or appearance, that one way or another end up in these facilities, including owner-turn-ins:

4)  Managers that will collaborate with Veterinarians, with sound no kill values. Euthanasia will be limited to very aggressive animals that pose a threat to others; are irremediably injured or terminally ill;

4)    Strong marketing (i.e. Public Service Announcements on TV, Radio, Council newsletters and local papers) encouraging maximum community involvement (i.e. volunteering, fostering, adoptions, donations) from, but not limited to: individual residents, local corporations, non-profit rescue groups;

5)    Community Cat Trap Desex and Return programs;

6)    Facilities that are a healthy, welcoming and reliable resource for companion animal information, education and assistance, including, but not limited to humane training, behaviour modification, pet retention, and rehoming.

7) Facilities that are healthy, welcoming places for animals surrendered to the care. All health concerns are to be treated promptly, and the environment kept hygienically clean to prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases. Sick animals will be given the opportunity to recover and be rehomed;

8) Every effort be made, using various forms of media, to locate the owners of animals considered lost whether microchipped or not.  If owners are not found within a reasonable time frame of at least 2 weeks, adoption procedures will be followed.

9) All scanners used to locate microchips, in surrendered animals, be kept in good working order and checked for reliability daily. Staff will scan the animal thoroughly looking for microchips that have moved under the skin. In addition, staff will ensure two microchips do not exist on one animal, as is often the case with animals that have been rehomed in the past;

10) Standard reasonable fees, that include desexing if necessary, will be charged to owners reclaiming  lost animals, as well as to the people adopting a new pet. Barter systems will be banned, along with trade-ins;

11) Owners that surrender a companion animal without just cause will not be allowed to adopt another pet at time of surrender, nor will they be allowed to obtain a new pet from other shelters in NSW.  A registry with their names will be kept and made available to all animal adoption centres;

12) Facilities that allow  genuine 'no kill' rescue groups  to monitor their adherence to no kill principles;

We, the Residents of the Sydney Metropolitan Area, respectfully demand that Members of Parliament, Local Governments and Shires respond to and reflect the wishes of its Residents and Ratepayers, to put an end to the killing of 80% of the sentient, healthy and treatable companion animals that are surrendered to animal holding facilities.

What does "No-Kill" mean?

         The Philosophy of No-Kill  commits to euthanising ONLY companion animals that are either irremediably injured or terminally ill, as determined by a board-certified doctor of veterinary medicine, in good standing with the Local Government and NSW Government, and in compliance with the true meaning of the word euthanasia (Webster definition: mercy killing).  All healthy and treatable companion animals are to be nurtured, treated as needed, and guaranteed a realistic chance at adoption well beyond the current short time frames.

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