The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) invites citizens of the world to join a global campaign aimed at averting a colossal catastrophe in West Asia.

The campaign themed, NO TO MILITARY INTERVENTION IN SYRIA; NO TO MILITARY STRIKES AGAINST IRAN will mobilise signatures from people in every continent to demonstrate to the centres of power in the West and their allies and proxies in West Asia and North Africa (WANA) that any military action by them against Syria and Iran in whatever form or guise is totally unacceptable.

Foreign military intervention in Syria could de-stabilise the entire region. Given Basar al-Assad' s opposition to the Israeli occupation of both the Golan Heights in his own country and Palestine, and to US helmed hegemony over WANA, any attempt to topple his government through external military force will provoke a strong reaction from groups and governments in a number of neighbouring countries, apart from Syria itself.  It is quite conceivable that their response will elicit a counter response from Israel and pro-US regimes in WANA. The resulting conflict may accentuate the Sunni-Shia fault-line which runs through a number of countries in WANA and exacerbate the unfolding tussle for regional supremacy among certain states in the region.            

The push for regime change in Syria is closely linked to a larger US-Israel agenda that seeks to cripple the Iranian government and its nuclear energy programme. The manipulation of the IAEA' s report on Iran' s nuclear programme which offers no evidence at all of any clandestine attempt to manufacture nuclear weapons and the expansion and intensification of wide-ranging financial and economic sanctions  by the US and the European Union (EU)  against Iran, are directed at this goal. Analysts are convinced that the momentum is being built for a military attack against Iran. The consequences of such an attack for the region and the world will be simply horrendous.      

Our opposition to foreign military intervention in Syria goes hand in hand with our commitment to change through peaceful means. We renew our call to President Assad made on a number of occasions to expedite the implementation of democratic reforms in Syria. The President should dialogue with all advocates of change who eschew violence.  The killing of peaceful protesters is abhorrent and should be strongly condemned.

In the case of Iran, it should be totally transparent about its nuclear programme and remove any suspicion that it is developing nuclear weapons. The whole of WANA should be a nuclear weapons free zone. This means that Israel should immediately eliminate its huge nuclear arsenal.  It would be a positive step towards peace in the region.

It is because we choose peace that we reject military intervention in Syria and military strikes against Iran. They will only increase the violence and the carnage that has blighted and blood stained the region for decades.  Thousands and thousands of innocent children, women and men are going to die.

In the name of PEACE we urge you to join this campaign. Sign here to show your solidarity with the lovers of peace. Persuade your friends and relatives to endorse this call ----- NO TO MILITARY INTERVENTION IN SYRIA; NO TO MILITARY STRIKES AGAINST IRAN.



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