NO to a return of greyhound racing at Walthamstow

Walthamstow greyhound track, the 'Stow, closed down in 2008.
The Chandler Family, who who owned the track since it opened in 1933, closed it down as  "With all the principle income streams in sharp decline, and general running costs rising relentlessly, the company's operations have become unsustainable."
The closure of this track was of great news for greyhounds.
The current owners of the site,L&Q housing association, have submitted and re-submitted plans to use the site for housing and leisure amenities.Waltham Forest Council have recently asked for revised plans as they felt the submitted plans were not an " adequate replacement for the loss of the greyhound racing track" 
As MP's support the personal desires of millionaire greyhound racing enthusiast, Bob Morton, for a return of racing at the 'Stow', your support is needed to show Councillors of Walthamstow that a promotion of further abuse for more greyhounds to endure is NOT an option they should consider.
BBC London recently reported on this story under the words of 'Housing or Heritage'The furthering of ABUSE of more greyhounds should NOT be excused under the wording of 'Heritage'.An argument of 'Heritage' simply fails. The abuse and cruelty that goes with the day-to-day upkeep and existence of greyhound racing CANNOT be called upon to be expanded through an argument of 'Heritage'If the 'Stow' is 'Heritage' then 'Heritage' holds NO compassion for greyhounds.
For more information and campaign news please visit FB Say NO to the Sow
And Greyhound Safe

We the undersigned ask the Councillors of Walthamstow to NOT see the return of greyhound racing at Walthamstow as an option for the derelict 'Stow' site.
We call on the council to be aware of the inherent abuse greyhounds suffer in order to sustain greyhound racing.Greyhound racing is responsible for the abuse and deaths of tens of thousands of greyhounds each year in the UK.Only a MINORITY make it to a fulfilling life of retirement, being homed through the hard work of rescues, surviving on funds raised by the public.The greyhounds making 'the grade' and going on to endure a racing 'career' face high risks of injuries on the race track resulting in young greyhounds being killed, be it major or even minor. A minor injury is cheaper to deal with through euthanasia(killing). This is all seen as just the way of the 'game'.
A re-opening of the 'Stow' will ONLY result in the furthering of the abuse and cruelty greyhounds endure daily.Please see this video of track 'bumps'(collisions resulting in death)filmed at the 'Stow' before it closed: note the video commentary by Graham Oliver BVSc CertSAO MRCVSOrthopaedic Veterinary Surgeon.
Please show the UK and the rest of the world that Waltham Forest Council will not be seen as supporters of inherently abusive greyhound racing. We call on you to NOT see a return of greyhound racing as an option, called for by the pro racing greyhound community.

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