Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

  • by: Jane Branson
  • target: President Barach Obama, Our Goverment,  American Citizens
THE FORGOTTEN ONES!   OUR SENIOR CITIZENS , (OUR ELDERS) ARE BEING DISCARDED AND THROWN AWAY. Our Elders have paid into the system, paid their dues with lifes trials and sacrifices only to end up in nursing homes where they are receiving poor care and neglect and often abused. If more family members would step forward and testify to their own personal story of a love one's neglect it may possibly help stop the abuse. Our nation needs to understand our  elders are in trouble and they are Not getting (24 - 7- CARE) in a nursing home.  Many are sitting in their feces & urine daily & not being bathed.  Unfortunately, it is not the "Golden Years." The Elder is living  out their life in a nursing home alone and being neglected, day in & day out, only waiting for tomorrow, to be alone again.  If the family and the Elder has money and can afford private care in all probability,  the elder will receive proper medical care and their quality of life will be content and peaceful. However, the majority of our Elder's are on "Medicaid," which means their low income and "Will Not" receive the medical care and attention those with money receive.  It is our goverment and our citizens moral obligation to help those that are the weakest and most vulnerable!  America has lost the "Pioneer Grit" of being responsible for our families, helping our friends and neighbors. It's very unforunate in today's mind set, that we have lost our compassion and sensitivity, especially to those that have helped us and gone before us, to make our "Path" easier.  Too much focus is on money and what's in it for me." We all want to have money and live in comfort, unfortunately that's not the case with many.   Nursing Homes "Are" Needed! because many times we can't take care of our Elder at home. Due to this fact, New Laws, Structure and Procedures of medical and personal  care for our Elders in the nursing homes need to be put in place Immediately, in order to stop the neglect and poor care. We need to "Hire" More profesional medical people and aides to make sure the elders medical & personal needs are being taken care of in the nursing homes. Two aides taking care of 10 to 12 peole at dinner & bedtime is not acceptable!  Monitors need to be set up with security checking consistently on the Elders in "All" nursing homes! New laws need to be put in place concerning who will be most effective as the Power Of attorney and the Home caregiver. People change over the years and what was in place five years ago may not be in the Elders best interest today!  My Mother was forced into a nursing home against her will, where she didn't have to be. Mom has suffered unnecessary pain and has almost died due to poor care and neglect.  Mom's house was sold against her wishes and it broke her heart.  A person took advantage of her and now Mom is alone among strangers and longs to return home & still can! New laws must be put in place to "Protect" our elderly concerning the Elder signing Power Of Attorney documents to stop any type of fraud against the Elder.    The state Health department needs to restructure their investigations. If the neglect and abuse is not happening at the time the investigator is at the nursing home, they will ignore the complaint. Even if there are family & friends that witnessed the neglect & Pictures of the neglect. Once the investigator receives the complaint they wait 4 to 6 wks before going into the nursing home to investigate, by then, the neglect is covered up or the Elder may have passed. America needs to be made aware, if they have a love one in a nursing home, check on them frequently, make sure all their medical & personal needs are being taken care of. Go into the nursing home at different times of the day. Each situation is different. Famlies need to stop letting one person do all  the work! It is much easier on all,when we work together as a Family & "Team"! We're all not medical people or caregivers but "each of us Can  contribute (Something) even if it's just sitting with the Elder, keeping them company.  Our elders are lonely & sometimes their in a world we can't reach but you need to check on them, to make sure they're being well taken care of. If the Elder is still at home with or without a Caregiver, you must still check on them.  It will be obvious if the Elder is receiving proper care at home. Elders need "Advocates" to speak up for their "Rights' because they may no longer be able to do so. Don't count on the agencies for the Elderly, they're afraid of legalities and they'll only tell you to get a lawyer.  It's time America stands up for our Elderly and their "Rights," they certainly stood up for us!

Jane Branson
Hillsboro, Ohio     
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