Release Original Birth Certificates for Adoptees

  • by: Mara Parker, Adoptee
  • recipient: United States Government: State and Federal Government Officials

Advocating For Unrestricted Access To Original Birth Certificates For All Adoptees in The United States.  

This petition is a demand to every government official in the United States to release sealed original birth certificates and adoption records to all adoptees.

This is a civil rights issue. No one should be denied their identity or ethnicity.  

Adoptees are NOT second-class citizens.  They should have the same right as non-adoptees and should be able to go to the vital records office and purchase a certified copy of their original birth certificates.  They should be cross-referenced or attached to their amended (adopted) birth certificates and their identities should be restored.

The State of California mandates all second grade students to study their ethnicity.  The Educational Code needs to be changed, if my identity is kept secret.  My children cannot do family trees without the information of their grandparents!  

The ICWA act allows Native American children who are adopted protection from this civil rights violation from the United States government.  ICWA provides that they must be given the names of their biological parents when they are 18 and be informed of the tribe that they belong to.  I say, if one ethnity in this country has this right then all ethnicities should have this right.  Anything else is discrimination. 

Signers of this petition demand the CWA act from our state and federal government.  (The Children's Welfare Act).  This act will open all birth records, certificates, adoption records to all adoptees thus restoring to them their biological identities. 


We, the signers of this petition, demand the "CWA Act" from the United States Govenment. 

The Children's Welfare Act will open all birth records, certificates, and adoption records to all adoptees, thus restoring to them their biological identities and civil rights as citizens of the United States of America.

CWA will allow any adoptee to purchase a certified copy of the original birth certifcates from any vital records office just as non-adoptees are able to do.  Their amended (adopted) birth certificates will be cross-referenced and attached to the original birth certificates. 

CWA will open all sealed records containing information about United States adoptees.  Adoption records, birth certificates, medical records will all be released when adoptees are 18 years old and during exigent circumstances if minor adoptees are ill and need medical information or biological donations from relatives.  

CWA must be enacted immediately in all 50 states.  Adoptees are not second-class citizens and should not be treated as such.  Every human has a right to their identity. 


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