Reverse The Supreme Court Ruling Concerning Lethal Injection. It Is Cruel and Unusual

  • by: Dee Hawk The Abolishment Movement
  • recipient: To all People in the USA and Worldwide, Religious Leaders, Humane Groups, Medical Professionals, and Those People in Government Offices
To all People in the USA and Worldwide, Religious Leaders, Humane Groups, Medical Professionals, and Those People in Government

This petition is to show support against the Supreme Court ruling that lethal injection is not cruel and unusual. Although the vote was 7-2, we the undersigned still have questions as to whether lethal injection is cruel and unusual, and we believe it is.

Cruel is defined in the dictionary as:Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin crudelis, from crudus
1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings
2 a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain <a cruel joke> b : unrelieved by leniency

Because the inmate is paralyzed, and cannot speak out or motion, we have no way of knowing for sure if pain is present. The inmate does not survive the execution and cannot report what they felt. Because we have no way of knowing if it inflicts pain or suffering it could very well be cruel. The inmate has human feelings and executing someone in a cruel manner such as lethal injection proves this method to be unconstitutional.

Because it takes a trained and licensed technician to administer the lethal injection to animals in most states, human beings are being executed by untrained, non medical, and unlicensed staff. This could cause much pain and suffering both mentally and physically, making this cruel also.

Because the Supreme Court ruling came in weeks before originally stated, April instead of June, we feel this ruling was rushed to maybe prevent an endless stream of litigation. A ruling such as this one should have been more carefully thought out.

Because if a victim was murdered in the same fashion as a condemned person, by lethal injection, this would be thought of as cruel and unusual, so we see no difference in who is on the gurney, it is cruel and unusual no matter what.

Because the fate of thousands of human life's are on the line, we feel more than 9 people should have the final say.

We the undersigned are stating that the way we view lethal injection, it is cruel and unusual, and as taxpayers and citizens of The United States, we are totally against it, and hope that this decision will be reversed. We don't want our children growing up in a nation that teaches them that human life comes second to animals.
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