Save Lilo and Stitch and Bring Stitch! anime to america

  • by: Rana somo
  • recipient: Bring back Lilo and Stitch and Bring Stitch! anime to America
                                                             Save Lilo and Stitch: Over the past years, many children have been smiling everyday because of our beloved Disney. One of the shows/movies children have been enjoying is "Lilo and Stitch". As a child myself, I have always loved the little blue alien Stitch with his best friend Lilo. Although one day I found out that they were removed off of Disney channel! I went searching around the internet  trying to  find the reason for this devastating moment.  Till I found this website about saving the show. Here is the website.   Anyways, Lilo and Stitch shouldn't have been removed. It doesn't make any sense. there are 65 episodes but 626 experiments??? How is that? why? No one got to see how more than half of the experiments looked. Or even what their primary function was. What happened to the meaning of Ohana? I thought that Ohana meant family. Didn't Lilo tell us that? She said it herself. Here is one of the lines she said about Ohana:Lilo-"What about ohana?!" Nani- "He hasn't been here that long"Lilo- "Neither have I! Dad said Ohana means family! Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets..."Nani-"Left behind"Lilo-"or...?"Nani-"or forgotten".This was mentioned in the first movie they made. It was the scene when Nani wanted to take Stitch back to the shelter. So what about ohana?  And what about Disney? Isn't Disney the one who always said: "Where dreams come true?" Well Disney, if that is so, then make our dream come true and bring back Lilo and Stitch! New episodes! Same voices! Don't do this for me or the Lilo and Stitch fans. Do it for Lilo and Stitch themselves. I'm sure that if they were real, they would be disappointed. Just as disappointed as all the fans are. If you just sat down and thought about'd understand.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          Bring Stitch anime to America! We all now that the Stitch anime originally belongs to Japan. But we also know that they are English dubbed in Australia. But what about America? It was told that Stitch! Anime was supposed to be aired in America in 2009!!!! look where we are! We're in 2011! Do we see the new Stitch series on Disney channel? NO! What happend? There was another rumor that it'll air this year. Well hopefully it will. Moving on, Why is it that America's Disney channel is slow on things? Stitch the anime series aired on many different countries except America. It's the same as how other countries have more Stitch merchandise than America! Whats going on!? Disney America needs to start handling things right. In 2009, Everyone was sitting by there t.v waiting for the new Stitch to come! Did it come? NO! To show that Stitch was supposed to be aired in 2009, here is the commercial of Disney America showing all new things coming up in that year including STITCH! is getting slower and slower every time. We don't see the other counties having problems. Just America! So we should forget about it right? WRONG! If you love something, you DO NOT give up on it! I repeat DO NOT! Anyway if any of you care you would sign this petition. Stitch and the whole ohana are counting on us!                           
We the undersigned, love Stitch and we always will. We all want Stitch back and thats what this is for. Disney shouldn't let all the children be let down. Have a heart and do whats right.                                    Thank you.
                                          with love and warmth,                                                  Brittany Miller
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