Say NO to new brown coal exports to India

  • by: Selwyn Rodda
  • target: Peter Batchelor, Minister for Energy and Resources, Victoria, Australia
The State Government of Victoria, Australia, at the behest of Minister for Energy and Resources, Peter Batchelor, is planning to export brown coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet, to India, 12 million tonnes per annum for 40 years!As many of you will know, burning coal is widely regarded as the prime threat to the planet's climate system and its stability. James Hansen, head of Goddard Institute for space studies at NASA and perhaps the world's most important climate scientist, has said of coal that it represents: ''the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet''. In light of the science and the dire consequences of conducting business as usual, it is astonishing to me that someone like Peter Batchelor could be so enthusiastic about exporting more brown coal on top of the dangerous amounts of coal Australia already exports. When are our leaders going to show the same enthusiasm towards clean and sustainable energy?
Climate change is not a national issue. It does not respect borders or affect only those responsible for driving it. What someone like Peter Batchelor might do robs everyone of their right to a livable future. We simply cannot let politicians like him get away with it!
Dear Peter Batchelor, Minister for Energy and Resources,
We the undersigned would like to draw your atention to the dangers of the exportation and burning of brown coal to world security, environmental and human health and the future of life on our planet. Your push to export 12 million tonnes of brown caol to India for 40 years would be a severe blow to Australia's credibility and ability in tackling the fast encroaching climate crisis. The time-line for winding down the use of fossil fuels and becoming carbon neutral is a lot less than 40 years. As someone who knows the science far better than you or I, Dr. James Hansen has said of coal that it represents: ''the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet''.  In light of what you must know about the terrifying and present dangers of increasing the consumption of coal, particularly brown coal, the dirtiest of the dirtiest, we ask you to reconsider and say NO to raising the prospect of a truly hellish future brought on by the reckless and deeply irresposible pursual of exporting and burning brown coal.
We thank you for taking the time to read and carefully consider this most vital issue.
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