Stop Children's Services bullying vulnerable families instead of supporting them

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This is a sad and common plight for families with Sen needs or disabilities!  The services are now all amalgamated, eg:  Children's Services, Education/Sen/Schools, within the collusion can be the local PCT who don't want to rock boats of colleagues they work alongside.  

The system is supposed to operate fairly, and ought to be answerable.  Too often Sen needs are being dragged into family courts, under the guise of sham allegations of abuse, constructed whilst at an exploritory stage of looking at strategies to help families.

Our families should honestly be supported as they are at times vulnerable parents/families in need, by the very nature of a child's sen needs. 

Instead Children Services through the family courts are using these vulnerabilities or indeed unpleasant upbringing to betray or build cases of opposition against mothers, assessing them to be a risk factor causing significant harm, ignorant of the state abuse of our children.

This stance is certainly cheaper than providing real and appropriate care for our children in specialist provisions to match their needs.  Alot of these children are being sold short in behaviour units or PRU (Sin Bins) or inappropriately placed in EBD (emotional behavioural units) and mask the real needs of so many children.

The Services ought to be ashamed for betraying our youth and families in this manner, after all they are supposed to be public servants arn't they?  Within school exclusion come social isolation, and latter in life financial exclusion!!!

This floored system has become a chance for multi professional (for a first time to start to cooperate with families, but instead they can close ranks, black balls childrens school placements and obstruct our basic human rights.  These rights evaded are a right to a child's needs being appropriately recognised and then met, and thus the quality of these families lives being improved.

When things go wrong, we have to struggle to get past a state beurocracy that hides behind "behaviour policies" - "codes of conducts" & finally drawn out complaints procedures, so by the time a complaint has been watered down, or staff moved onto different departments, No one is responsible.

This whole process is time & energy consuming in addition to dealing with the very needs, that can negatively spot light our vulnerable families.

Few care providers, or practitioners fulfill this REAL duty of care, for the betterment or welfare of a child/family, preferring not to spot light their own failings, or perhaps their colleagues/procedures/pools of health care providers!!  

Now Jack Straw has pushed for a gagging order within the family courts, this will place a veil of secrecy further above this state abuse and bullying.

Many children are being adopted and they are from loving, caring and very able families!!! lacking support!!!

Sorry I rushed wrighting this out!!   Please show support for our fellow families and oppose the state bullying that is happening.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, albeit rushed petition

An anonymous & bullied parent!!
We the undersigned wish for a proper regulation of Childrens Services and their real involvement with families, this includes the gagging order Jack Straw has gone for in the Family Courts!  Please care?

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