Hounds Rip Foxes Alive - Help Stop The Return Of Fox Hunting

In 2005 a 'great' thing happened in my country of Great Britain (including Scotland in 2002) ...the cruel blood sport known as 'fox hunting' was banned. However, this hunt is highly likely to return in this so called 'great' nation of ours, as our present conservative prime minister, David Cameron has pledged to dedicate time, (which could be better served in dealing with more important issues) to a bill abolishing the ban on fox hunting as a priority. Unbelievable!

No nation is 'great' when they allow animals to be tortured to death in the name of sport. It is a complete myth that during fox hunting, a fox is killed with a quick bite to the jugular. Once caught, the hounds will rip the defenceless animal apart until it is literally disembowelled. 

Please consider this;  rarely is death instant, without vital organs are damaged. To be killed by the hounds's 'teeth', which are only able to penetrate at the most an inch deep - there is only one way, and that is to rip away at the body until the heart, lungs and liver are eventually reached. Hounds do not aim for the jugular purposely, they just tear and rip in a frenzy.

The whole hunt is cruel - from start - to dig out and kill. During  the chase, the hounds regularly take bites at the fleeing fox, long before it is eventually torn to pieces. Look at the case below:

On one such occasion, a fox, which was later named, 'Copper' made national headlines. After the fox was hunted and caught by the Chiddingford, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt hounds, Copper somehow managed to escape down a rabbit hole. Hunt Saboteurs were close by and watching. They raced to the hole, covering it with a policman's helmut and therefore saving the fox from further attack. Once the blood thirsty hunt retreated, Copper was rushed to the vet, where it was discovered he had suffered tearing of the flesh around the body and in particular on his flanks.  There was also bleeding from his penis, which was caused through extensive kidney damage - brought on by the intense stress and exhaustion. 

The vet stated, 'I have never seen such trauma in a dog, even a badly injured one.' 

I have seen videos where the fox reached a hole during the hunt and then the hunt master dismounted his horse and calmly strolled over to the hole, pulling the screaming fox out by the scruff of its neck. To make things even worse for the fox, the hunt master held the fox for quite a while, as its screams sounded like a child about to be murdered and then he threw it to the hounds as the hunting crowd cheered. 

NB: Pulling the fox out of a retreat is 'supposed' to be against fox hunting 'rules'. These hunters are only interested in seeing blood and suffering and the thrill of the fast paced ride. 

The Home Office once commissioned post-mortems on four foxes killed by hunting and it was revealed there was evidence of multiple bite wounds to the face, head, rib cage, heart, lungs and stomach. (The Observer, 11/6/00)

77 per cent of rural dwellers and 84 per cent of urban people disapprove of fox hunting (1997 Gallup poll for the Daily Telegraph).

In a recent MORI poll, 65% supported a ban, with support being even higher among Labour supporters at 73% (The Economist, June '01).

Countryside Alliance literature says, '15,900 people whose jobs directly depend on fox hunting would be out of work.' However, The Ministry of Agriculture stated, this was a misleading and gross exaggeration, since there are approximately 330 annual hunts, with each hunt employing 3 people (the rest being volunteers) - therefore, a total of 1000 employees.

PLEASE HELP US TO STOP THIS SPORT RETURNING We need to evolve, this 'so called' sport should never return.The government has to listen to the will of the people, every signature counts in sending this 'blood-sport' into the archives. 
British Parliament
We the undersigned wish to let you know that many people are against fox hunting returning. 
Thank you for your help!Sponsored by Jackie Reynolds
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