Stop longline fishing on mauritius island.

Over the last few decades, shark populations around the world have started to show signs of trouble, and nature Shark reveals one of the causes. In one scene, a hook and line trails from a sharks mouth like a slender warning flag remnant from a close call with a longline fishing boat.

Luckily, this shark escaped, but researchers say many other sharks have not been as lucky. longliners which set lines that can be up to 15 miles long and are laden with hundreds or thousands of baited hooks pose an increasingly potent threat to sharks, which are often hunted for their fins and meat. Other marine animals not intended to be caught by longliners, such as sea turtles and seabirds, can also take the bait and drown.

Sharks living in the waters around Mauritius and the Mauritian government just let keep certain shark-fishing techniques in its territorial waters. sharks can move hundreds and even thousands of miles in search of food and mates.
And the major problem also is they sell all the shark fins and tuna and marlins to china or japan the local people have to pay alot of money for their own fish because they dont get a chance to catch any fish for them selves or their familly.
Because the long liners going to shoot them if they try to fish in the neighboorhood of the longliners boats.
The covernment of mauritius says that sharks are a danger for the tourist and get a lot of money from the longliners.

The water around Mauritius don't offering sharks some protection from the threat of longliners.

there is plenty of danger along the way. For instance, long-line fishers leave lines drifting in the ocean for hours, sometimes days, then come back to collect the catch and throw away the dead animals they can not sell.
They even cut of the fin's of alive sharks and trow them still alive back in the water.
They not only catch sharks with their hooks they catch also all the tuna and all kinds of marlins even dolphins and even some-
sea turtels.
Dont the covernment understand that all this only attracks more sharks ?

Researchers believe such practices have contributed to a 60 percent decline in shark numbers in Mauritian waters over the last decade.the biggest problem is the overwhelming impact of international longline fishing fleets they fish incessantly in all corners of the world, setting billions of hooks, depleting sharks and anything that takes the bait.

Sharks are highly migratory speciesThey know no boundaries. They spend time in our national waters and migrate through international waters.
the best way to restore shark populations in Mauritian waters is to significantly reduce fishing efforts in the is  a three step process: close The ports to foreign longline vessels; convince our neighbor countries to do the same; and get the government to ban long-line fishing in all the waters arround mauritian island.

Many fishing groups say such drastic steps arent necessary, and that shark populations can take the pressure. They also note that new innovations, such as special hooks, can reduce unwanted by catch on long lines.

But biologists are skeptical, noting that sharks often take a long time to reach sexual maturity, and only produce a few young at a time. As a result, it can take a long time to rebuild threatened populations.

So please sign this petition and save the mauritian sea and even save the world together we can make the diference.
without sharks and all other marine life the sea will die infront of our eyes.
I hope this petition will reach the whole world and it can stop all the longliners all over our beautyfull world.

sign by elles.

Hello government of mauritius.
I make this petition because I was on a vacation on your almost perfect island mauritius one month ago.
I was on mauritius for biggame fishing to catch and release some nice marlin or other fish.
but we catch nothing, than when I was going to port louis I directly seeing the problem that mauritius have.
I see more than 200 boats from the longliners in your harbour some of them just came in to the harbour the allmost flip over from all the fish they catch.
Did you know that the longline fishing boats even shoot with guns on your local people ?
if the local people come to close to their boats they just start shooting I was on the sea on a night for fishing and than we see a longliner on the water.
the kaptain of our boat was affraid of them and move to another fishing spot.
but what if the longliners shoot on the boats with the tourist ?????
I think you will have an international problem than .
I understand that sharks will be a problem for the tourist on the island but your problem will be bigger if the tourist will not come anymore because your sea will be dead in a few years and the shooting longliners are also not atractive for the tourist.
please close your harbour for the longliners and give it back to your local fisherman.
make a catch and realese policy for catching fish on the big game boats.
I already think it is a litlle to late but if you stop it now it can be a recovering for the waters arround mauritius.
I was suppost to send people to your island for fishing but now I will not do that because they dont can catch any more nice fish like sharks or black or bleu marlin.
and I think it is to dangerous to fish on mauritius now nobody whants to get shoot for only fishing.
all the people complain about the longliners on your island but the local people are affraid to do something about this issu.
they call the covernment of mauritius maffia.
STOP this and be cleaver save your island from destroying.
stop using all the fake policeman on the streets and send them to protect your waters arround mouritius.
this petition is going international so all your future tourist will know there are dangerous shooting on mauritius and that the covernment is just aprove to killing the sea arround the beautyfull island of mauritius.
Close your harbour for longliners and make it a peace full place for your locals let it be nice like all your local people from the island are.
let this be a warning for your future.
thank you for taking time to read this letter I hope you choice will be the right one.
sign by elles and all the people from the petition.

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