• by: Dianne Lynn Elko
  • recipient: Ohio State University-George Billman/Earle Holland
The following is a disgusting,barbaric,un-called for down right wrong form of dog abuse,that after 30 years is still allowed to continue.I do not always agree with P.E.T.A.,but this time they are right.Please read the following article from P.E.T.A.,then please send e-mails or make phone calls to the people responsible for this horrific practice that still continues.I have made a phone call to O.S.U. and left a message for Earle Holland --vice president for research communications for Ohio State University

Live Dogs Abused in Heart Attack Tests in OSU Laboratory

For almost 30 years, Ohio State University (OSU) experimenter George Billman has used taxpayer dollars to cut dogs open and induce heart attacks in them. He inserts a cuff around an artery, sews the dogs back up, then forces the dogs to run on a treadmill. He then tightens the cuff to block blood flow to the heart, causing a heart attack.

His conclusion%u2014that exercise strengthens the heart%u2014has been common knowledge for decades. Of 768 dogs used by Billman, a staggering 256 of them died%u2014either on the operating table or in the days following the surgery%u2014before he could even test his "hypothesis."

PETA reviewed the records for 10 dogs recently used by Billman and found evidence that the animals suffered immensely. Dog #3017%u2014a brown hound dog with a white face%u2014was operated on and forced to endure three heart attacks in Billman's laboratory. Two days after her third heart attack, she died in her cement and steel cage%u2014alone and in pain.

Please send a personal e-mail to OSU's assistant vice president for research communications,  Earle Holland, and respectfully urge him to stop these cruel and deadly experiments on dogs. Also, send Holland a message through his Facebook page by clicking on the "Send Earle Holland a Message" link, and call his office at 614-292-8384 to make sure that your voice is heard.

Sample e-mail text is provided below to help you draft your message.

Please Stop Cruel Heart Attack Experiments on Dogs

I was horrified to learn that Ohio State University has been conducting invasive experiments on dogs in which the animals are cut open, have cuffs inserted around an artery, and are then forced to run on a treadmill until they have heart attacks.

It's also shocking that these experiments have been happening for almost 30 years in an effort to conclude that exercise strengthens the heart%u2014something that has been common knowledge for decades.

I urge you to put an end to these cruel experiments immediately.



This horrific,barbaric practice,that you refer to research;must stop now.There is absolutely no reason that anyone can give to allow this to continue even one day more.It must stop now!We the people who care about the treatment of animals demand that it be stopped.We are outraged to hear that this is still allowed to continue,after 30 years.You Mr.Earle Holland must not allow Mr.George Billman or any one at your University to continue this abuse of our innocent dogs.
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