Tell Dr. Robert Carey and the Dept of Agriculture we want a repeat and thorough investigation!

Serenity Horse Rescue located at 5224 Dearth Rd portrays itself as a 501c Horse Rescue organization that is "dedicated to providing sanctuary, rehabilitation, and adoption for horses that have been abused, neglected or are unwanted" Despite what they say, we do not feel and have evidence to support that this  organization does not provide adequate sanctuary, rehabiltate and does not  rehome many of the horses they gave taken in. Like the common image of animal protection agencies as cash-strapped organizations dedicated to animal welfare  Serenity Horse Rescue also claims they depend soley on the publics donations. We are concerned and have evidence to support the rescue horses are not being cared for to their fullest potential so we filed a complaint with the ODA. This is their report.
: Dr. Forshey
From: Mike Stanton
Subject: Livestock Care Standards compliant against Shula Woodworth aka Serenity Horse Rescue, 5224 Death Rd., Lebanon Ohio 45036
Complaints made on 1-12-12
Limited availability of shelter
Insufficient quantity of feed
Abnormal death loss
Improper disposal of carcasses
On 1-17-12 Dr. Carey, VMO for ODA and I conducted this Livestock Care Standard investigation at Serenity Horse Rescue, 5224 Death Rd., Lebanon Ohio 45036. Shula Woodworth was present during this investigation.
Shula Woodworth explained that she was currently housing 34 horses and 1 donkey on this 33 acre premise. Located on the premise is a barn that has 44 stalls (13 stalls are being used to house other livestock) and a riding area (approximately 75 ft. by 200 ft.). This barn is used to shelter the horses. There is also an outside lot that has an open front barn (approximately 20 ft by 30 ft.). There were 8 horses being kept in this lot. The barn provided adequate shelter.
The horses are fed free choice hay and receive horse feed (alfalfa cubes, feed grains) twice a day. At the time of this inspection there was sufficient supply of hay and horse feed. Mineral blocks were also available for the horses.
Shula said that many of the horses taken in are old. When the situation warrants that the health or condition of a horse continues to fail and the chance for recovery is poor, the horse will be humanly euthanized. She has had to have 2 horses euthanized in 2012. The carcasses are either buried on site or picked up by a licensed collector. The carcasses are being disposed of as required under Section 941.14(B).
Upon completion of this investigation, it was concluded that Shula Woodworth aka Serenity Horse Rescue was not in violation of any Livestock Care Standards. 
We sincerely appreciate the time you took to follow up on our complaints, however we are concerned something has been missed in your investigation.
The number of  horses  Shula said she has on the property is contradictory of her recent interview on wkrc channel 12 in Dec stating she has 47 horses In addition to a numerous number of "other livestock displayed on her facebook page. Where did they all go? 
We've looked into the Warren County Property Search Geographical Information Ariel View report used for calculating total square mileage of the rescues 4 pastures. It has total acreage for grazing at 16.75acres. How does this not violate your livestock care standards?
We have also gained access to Warren County's Extension Agent Greg Myers report. He reports he visited the rescue on May 13th 2010. He lists several recommendations for the rescue that includes "shr has too many horses to sustain on grass pastureland alone." We have many witnesses to the fact that many of the 47 horses known as "field" horses on that property are not brought into the barn and fed hay or grain regularly, if at all nor are round bales routinely available for all the horses.  How does this not violate livestock care standards?
Something is not adding up here.
To learn more about this issue visit us at
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