Tell McDonalds That We Want The Truth!

   Tell McDonald's that a lie by omission is still a lie - and using meat-based products in products which appear to be vegeterian is WRONG. The Spicy Veggie Deli Sandwich sold in McDonald's all across the UK appeal to many vegeterians who are unaware of the meat-based chilli sauce used inside it. There are hundreds of cruelty-free chilli sauce - why not use one of these, or at least make customers aware of what they are eating? 
   McDonald's 'Spciy Veggie' Sandwich SHOULD be vegeterian. Because most people will not think to check the back of the menu for whether the spicy VEGGIE sandiwich is vegeterian - and, as I was, they will be shcoked when they find out that the Spicy VEGGIE sandwich has meat products in it. This should either be made clear, or the chilli sauce McDonald's use which contains non-vegeterian chilli sauce should be replaced with a fair, ethical vegeterian sauce.
    McDonald's vegeterian food is extermely limited - it is fair to expect that the few products which seem to be meat-free ARE meat-free. It is only in the very fine print on the back of the menu that we are told the truth. Please urge McDonald's to find one of the thousands of non-meat-based chilli sauces, or make the customers aware of what they are eating, instead of playing on their ignorance. Please - for our planet, for our animals, and for yourself.
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