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Petition to remove the umbrella use of the term "transgender" to cover women of transsexual/intersexed history who find such use demeaning of their right to self identify and womanhood.

The term transgender was coined by the rabidly anti-transsexual Charles Prince.  It's use as an umbrella term was promoted over the decade of objections by women of transsexual history and those born with the medical condition of transsexual by means of censorship, threats, insults and other unsavory means.  This term is highly offensive used to include those of us who had a medical condition, had it corrected and moved on with our lives.  By including women (and men) who were born with the neurological intersexed condition known as transsexuality under this term and thus linking them with those with a psycho-sexual pathology, their gender identity is denied by dragging them back to a third gender category against their will.  This is an act of verbal violence against their own right of self determination and their core identity, it is a tool of patriarchal thinking.  Most individuals who are of transsexual history do NOT believe in the deconstruction of their gender, did not "trans" or cross gender but rather had a consistent gender identity their entire life.  Thus the term applied to them is not only demeaning and insulting, it is semantically inaccurate as well.

We the undersigned demand you stop representing us as part of a group which we share absolutely nothing in common.  Drop all references to transsexuality being included under the term transgender immediately, revise your media alerts to acknowledge this and in the future consult actual people of transsexual history when you are claiming to represent them.  That we are forced to take this step with an organization dedicated to stopping defamation is inexcusable.
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