Unchain the dogs of New York State

We believe that it's time for New York State to join the anti-tethering movement and put an end to the suffering of the perpetually chained/tethered dog. Leaving a dog chained is cruel to the dog, being a social animal they crave companionship and constant chaining leaves them alone and frustrated not knowing why they have been shunned from their family.  Being pack animals by nature, isolation from their family is particularly difficult for them to endure.

In September of 2006, Gov. Schwarzenegger of California signed SB 1578 into law, limiting the amount of time a dog can be chained to 3 hours per day. California, Connecticut, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia all have implemented laws to protect dogs from this barbaric practice.

Anti chaining is also key to eliminating dog fighting because dog fighters always use chaining as a means of creating an aggressive dog who is kept just inches from other dogs, causing an insatiable drive to kill the other dogs. It also protects police officers from drug dealers who so often keep very aggressive dogs chained to every door preventing police officers from approaching unannounced.

Please consider this legislation for New York State. These poor dogs suffer heat stroke, freezing cold, hunger, thirst, boredom, anxiety, stress, sadness, anger and extreme loneliness that can lead to psychological damage.   Because they cannot escape, in so many cases
anyone approaching them is perceived as a threat and may be met with aggression;  the dog's pitifully small environment is often defended with ferocity.  

Our other initiative is Mothers Against Dog Chaining please visit www.mothersagainstdogchaining.org/attack.html   Read the stories of these children, look at their precious faces. So many of them did not survive being attacked by the dog they thought was their friend, a dog that may have been their friend at one time but slowly lost their minds as a result of being chained and alone for so many days, weeks, months or years.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement in the July 2, 1996 Federal Register against tethering: "Our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane. A tether significantly restricts a dog's movement. A tether can also become tangled around or hooked on the dog's shelter structure or other objects, further restricting the dog's movement and potentially causing injury." it must be deemed unacceptable for man's best friend as they are companion animals... sentient beings, not lawn ornaments.

Don't allow them to suffer in silence, let us, as humane New Yorker's demand better treatment for these special animals who are prevalant in almost every aspect of our society. Police, military, companions for the disabled, therapy,  rescue and recovery work ... the list goes on.
Dogs Do Deserve Better !!
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