Zero Emissions Energy Mandate

  • by: Earth College
  • target: President, Congress and House of Representatives

(please read the full mandate and add any information, corrections, suggestions you believe are missing)

To arrest the amount of global warming gasses we create, we hereby set forth this "Zero Emissions Energy Mandate" to be enacted as law, and that the body of this document be acted upon immediately for the security of our life, liberty, and freedom.

We believe that, through the immediate implementation of ALL clean renewable energy solutions currently in use today, that we can eliminate the threat of of future greenhouse aggravations and possible extinction of many.  We are resolved in our determination to turn back the clock on global warming.  Your immediate action is vital.

What is known:  The future of American business and society depends on our ability to change the way that we operate.  Western civilization and lifestyle is spreading throughout the globe at an alarming rate, and with this growth so has the pollution.   With the rate of pollution ever rising, and a generous portion of this pollution being created by our energy waste, we are responsible for correcting this imbalance. One of the most effective ways to begin this process is to begin generating little to no air and ground pollution, through the construction and implementation of renewable energy solutions through out the country, starting immediately.

Power has been successfully generated from the wind, sun, waves, rivers, geothermal, exstatic electricity, cow manure, and other methane producing waste.  These power sources are not only renewable, they are in use today, generating electricity without any waste.

If it is possible for the electric company to accept electricity from people who generate their own, then it should not be so difficult for renewable energy to become part of the current grid.  Those who have solar panels, windmills, and other renewable energy generators can plug into the electric company line and feed the excess off to those homes and business which do not yet have their own power generators.

There are a few steps which will enable renewable energy to be the energy of today.

Renewable Energy Standards
:  Renewable energy is any energy generated from resources which are renewable and non-toxic.  It is our goal for all electricity to be converted from non-renewable dirty fuels to renewable energy, producing electricity for every home and business in the United States of America by the fourth year of this mandate.  This includes, but is not limited to, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, magnetic, methane, and re-chargable non-toxic electric batteries such as the nickel metal-hydried battery.  Other sources of energy may be added to this list but must fall within the guidelines set forth above.

What is needed: 
To ensure that the technology available is made accessible to all.  Along with this technology, people will be educated in the installation and maintinence of their renewable energy solutions.  The Federal government is mandated to provide both education and financial aid for Zero Emissions Energy solution to those who need and ask for it.

By the end of the first year 15% of America's electricity should be produced from renewable energy.  By the end of the 2nd year America should be generating 30% from renewable resources, after three years 60%, and by the fourth year all our energy should be supplied by renewable sources.

The Programs: 
The government should extend its grant program to include more funding for first time homeowners, small businesses, and larger families and businesses.   More renewable alternatives should be made available to the average consumer and they should be given all the help and education needed to set up their own renewable energy.

At present, people who generate their own electricity and have a surplus, sell that energy to the electric company.  This barter is not for cash, though.  The resident with extra power to spare is given credits towards a future need for electricity from the power company.  Many never redeem this and are unable to turn their credits into cash.  There should be a fair monetary exchange between electric companies and individuals producing electricity to sell to others.

Another incentive program is through the Treasury.  If the Treasury issues BONDS specifically for the purpose of solving pollution, even people who know nothing about the environmental impact of their puchases and energy consumption, will buy into renewable energy growth. They shall be called "Ecology Bonds".  The bonds are expected to perform the same rescue that "war" bonds performed after the depression. In addition they will provide funds to begin projects to lead us towards ZERO WASTE. 

These endeavors are expected to create jobs called "GREEN COLLAR JOBS".  Some banks and other leanding institutions around the world are already offering such bond purchase options.

Jobs for Americans:  This mandate will produce many jobs and those jobs sould be given to American citizens.  Each worker should be given appropriate education, attire, health care benefits, and fair wages.

This mandate is set forth with the goal of ensuring that America does not contribute any more pollution to our skies, oceans and land for the pursuit of electricity.  This mandate can only be modified to include new renewable energy technology, add more grant and other incentive programs, and to refine the law to ensure that helthy energy growth is pursued.

Global warming is not a passing phase.  It is real and we are making it worse by continuing to burn coal and derivatives of fossil fuel.  There are alternatives and we urge you to spend your money and time making these solutions available for all consumers.  By enacting laws which define our energy solutions, you will enable America to become a thriving sustainable country once again.

Please take these bold steps to stop global warming while there's still time!
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