Fellow Malaysians,

You know what is happening in the streets of Burma and I'm sure we all wish we could do something more than click the TV and flip the page. Well,
with a few more clicks we can!

The root of the current protest is the same as it is in Iraq- oil!
Our national petroleum and gas company Petronas is amongst the many others doing business with the current military govenrment. <b>

<b>Our government will not make any economical sanctions on Myanmar but at this point this is like just asking your neighbour to calm down and keep quiet while the people in there are being robbed and killed.

We cannot let Petronas keep mum on the current crisis.

Petronas must answer to the people of Malaysia and Burma and take action.

Please have a look at the letter was written and sign on the petition should you agree with its point of view. It will be printed and sent to Petronas in 2 weeks or so.

Leave a comment should you have other ideas, actions or information.

Thank you.


Tan Sri Dato Sri Mohd Hassan Marican.

President and CEO of PETRONAS

Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned are writing to raise serious concerns about Petronas's involvement in the Yetagun Gas Project in Myanmar(1).

Given how incredibly cruel the ruling military government is treating its citizens over the last weeks and decades, and the fact that the protest was sparked by cut in fuel subsidies(2), we feel it is necessary that Petronas release a statement to explain in as much detail as possible, how and why Petronas can do business with such a disreputable government through the state-controlled ONGC Videsh Ltd.

How does Petronas answer the many activist accusations that such business activities funds the oppresive regime (3)? What is Petronas's stance on the current worrying political situation in Myanmar? Is it business as usual (4)? Is Petronas only concerned at being a responsible corporate citizen only within the shores of our country (5)?

Should Petronas say that these business deal brings about positive developments for Myanmar, can Petronas give a clear report on such changes? So many years has Myanmar opened itself to foreign trade yet the people have benefited so little and so slowly from such deals. If such trade is so beneficial to the people of Myanmar, would they be out in the streets protesting today?

So far, one may read from a Bernama release that "Malaysia has provided aid in human capital development through the provision of 137 university scholarships of which 70 were provided by Petronas (Sept 26)"(4). From your website, it is stated that on 1 April 2005 "PETRONAS launched its Volunteer Oppurtunity Programme to give its staff the oppurtunity to contribute their services through community relations projects. Working in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia, PETRONAS volunteers have been sent to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Myanmar." (6)

We are sure that Petronas can do more to help the people of Myanmar.

While it is understand that that acquiring, trading and distributing oil and gas fairly and ethically is a supremely challenging affair, we hope Petronas will put further thought into the short and long term social and environmental cost of your activities and conduct. We would also like to add that since Petronas is a wholly owned government corporation, the reputation of this company stands alongside its people. While some countries' citizens can pump fuel in their cars in total disregard of the blood drawn by the faceless private multinational petroleum corporation that did it, we for one, as proud Malaysians we tak boleh lah!

Finally, as someone who has met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Union of Myanmar Vice-Admiral Maung Maung Khin in Yangon on 24 August 2001 (7), I hope you will put to good use your contact with the ruling party.

Thank you for reading this petition. We hope to receive a response soon.

Fellow Petitioners

  1. see >corporate>business activities>international operations







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