Save the Animals Race

  • by: Elizabeth
  • recipient: To decrease the number of strays.
Save the Animals Race, aka STAR, is a group of many willing people who are concerned about the welfare of animals and wish to help. STAR has three main goals; decrease the number of strays, help endangered animals and stop animal abuse.

Strays. They roam the world without a home. Many are starving to death. Why do they deserve to suffer? Sometimes, a pet may even be thrown out for being pregnant. Imagine the pain. Have you ever felt very hungry in your life, at all? Triple that and see how it feels. So, to decrease the increasing number of stray animals, you could try these two things; adopt a pet and nueter/spay your cat or dog. The second one is quite easy. Ask a veterinarian about it. Nuetering means your male pet cannot sire a litter, and spaying means your female pet cannot produce young.
However, the second one requires careful thought. Adopting is not simple. You will need to be absulotely sure that your home is a perfect place for a new family member. Christmas is probably not a good time for a child; after a few weeks or so, they may lose interest and start neglecting your pet.

Remember, you want to decrease the stray population, not make it larger!

Help endangered animals. Animals are becoming extinct. What can you do to help? Write letters to your government to pass a law about hunting threatened species. Clean up your environment and don't pollute the earth. There are many things to help; go out and do them NOW!

Animal abuse. Sigh.
Maybe you've heard of this before. Ever seen someone kicking a grime-covered dog that was tied onto a too-short leash? Have you ever noticed that animals are being tested by some scientist? This is all animal abuse. Take care of animals. Help them. Protest against animal testing. (This is kind of like a protest of animal testing... but whatever. x3)
They need your help.

So, now that you've heard all of that, are you ready for action? But wait! I think you forgot something! Sign this petition below, and aim for 3000 signatures to save the animals quickly!

Best wishes to you all, and of course, the animals.
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