Save the Canada Geese of Delafield, Wisconsin

PLEASE HELP IN STOPPING THE PLANNED EXTERMINATION OF LIFE-MATE COUPLES, PARENTS, SIBLINGS, AND OFFSPRING/CHILDREN, SOME OF WHO WILL BE  BETWEEN JUST 1-2 1/2 MONTHS OLD AT THE TIMES OF THE PLANNED KILLINGS.  HELP THE FAMILIES LIVE.  Due to what is being called an overpopulation of Canada Geese on Lake Nagawicka, the city of Delafield, Wisconsin is planning a Canada goose roundup and removal (extermination) in June and July 2011, targeting migrant geese (saying they do not travel as far south from Canada now due to climate change) and the Giant Canada, not so long ago on the verge of extinction.  However, these geese that no longer go further south than Milwaukee or Chicago will NOT remain over the summer because they're programmed to return to Canada to breed and raise their young. The only reason they would remain in Milwaukee or Chicago is because they're unable to fly back north.  So, many helpless, flightless geese would be exterminated, their only crime being their inablility to fly back to their home.  And as for the Giants that stay, there are other options.  However, according to town meeting transcripts, they will follow guidelines put forth by a Wildlife Biologist from the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.  This would incorporate egg oiling and the roundup of thousands of Canada Geese for "removal", in an effort to control the goose population.  Some of those guidelines include checking captured geese for contaminants and if no contaminants are found, the geese will be "humanely removed" and distributed to food pantries.  What is humane about capturing geese during their most vulnerable time, the molt, when they cannot fly to defend themselves, and then killing them? It is also stated in the minutes of the meeting that there are other ways to deal with the population issue, but it appears that the city is going ahead with the roundup, subsequently giving the OK to the massacre of thousands of innocent Canada Geese.  The egg oiling does not appear to be enough, as they will capture and kill innocent geese.  Another issue brought up in the meeting is the excrement "problem" from the geese.  Studies vary concerning the amount of excrement produced by Canada Geese, with a majority of the time the agency looking to remove them overestimating the amount of excrement produced.  Regardless, goose excrement is bio-degradable and washes away with rain and snow, doing no harm to the soil.  In fact, it provides the soil with needed nutrients to help grow.  It also rarely contains organisms harmful to human health, per the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
The town meeting to discuss this issue met the criteria set forth by the Department of Natural Resources, despite the fact that no members of the public were present. 
Let's please get the word out to the people of Delafield and everyone and stop this unneccessary, senseless massacre of these innocent, harmless, majestic, loyal, mate-for-life families of geese, who are only living their lives as nature intended.
Including signing this petition, please contact city administrators at
We the undersigned are urging you to reconsider your plan of the rounding up and extermination of Canada Geese on Lake Nagawicka in June-July 2011.  As was stated in your meetings, there are other ways to handle the population issue, without the killing of these intelligent, harmless, loyal, mate-for-life families of birds.  Other methods may take longer, but are effective and will solve the issue.  We hope your solid, family-oriented midwestern values will come to the forefront and you will not go forward with this plan.  Please do the right thing.
Thank you very much for your time in reading this letter. 
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