Ban Donkey-Basket Ball Event from Lake Schools in Millbury, Ohio

Donkey Basket Ball Show encourages the mocking of people (bullying) and the use of animals for the sake of entertainment (animal cruelty).  Schools across the country have have stopped hosting the cruel donkey basketball fundraisers because they want to help nurture kind kids, not bullies. 

 Donkey Basket Ball brings together Bullying and Abuse. Little children at school age are invited to watch and mock of people and animals that are frightened by the crowd and being physically abused for the solely purpose of entertainment: Pulled, dragged and kicked one way to the other by inexperienced riders for 2 hours trying to play basket ball on top of them. We are in the 20th Century and this is far from being a civilized message to our next Generation. Schools are not Circuses. It is time for the Schools to take a serious their role in the community and specially in the values and examples they set for the young minds. -

The U.S. National Parent-Teacher Association Congress states, "Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind, and considerate in their [interactions] with each other."

Donkey – Basket Ball Show

Dear Mr. Witt:

The following Petition has been created with the goal for the School to ban the "traditional" Donkey-Basket Ball Show, as the nature of the message sent to the alumni attending to this "show" is under question, as it teaches values that go against 2 of the 3 Core School values: "Responsible" and "Respectful".

It is a fact that the Event "Donkey Basket Ball" raises concern and controversy every year in many school districts across the country as Organizations and Peta and many of the attendants do not agree on having live animals a part of entertainment inside of the schools. Many people like me are up set to learn that the school sends out invitations to everyone, even, little children at preschool age to watch this event without the proper information about the nature of the event. People deserve to make informed choices of what they will expose their children to. Many people get upset after they attend this type of "shows". As many enjoy the fun of a silly game, others are concerned about the welfare of the animals involved. Other cannot help by notice that the whole environment turns "bully-some" by sending our kids the message that it is ok to mock of the people and mock of the struggling frightened animals. This also exposes the children to witness "abuse-some" acts towards the animals by the "inexperienced" players (pulling, kicking, and dragging) of the animals. These bizarre acts together send the message that it is ok to be "Irresponsible" and "Disrespectful" and that "Mild Bullying" and "Mild Abuse" are widely ok and Accepted.

Our School is proud of Targeting the Bullying to the very beginning (which, as Parent, I applaud with all my heart, as in the past this issue was considered silly when not seen and analyzed in-depth). The Donkey Basket Ball sends confusing and controversial messages to the audience and realizing or not, this is a mistake as a serious Institution. I am an informed Parent and with all this knowledge, I will not attend and will not let my kids to attend to this event. We teach our children to be caring and never be happy about the misery of others, or even less, mocking of others. We try to work with our school (as it should be) partners in Educating our children to be nurtured in good values. Especially young minds as preschoolers and elementary age children who are still learning to differentiate kind and caring behaviors from bulling and selfish ones.

Donkey Basket Ball is not a good example of values for my children or to any family who cares for a proper education.

As in the children movies, even when "mild violence" and "mild language" are used, it is the responsibility of the Company to warn the parents from this as they can take their own informed decisions. I believe it is the responsibility of the School to inform the parent community before open an invitation to everyone, especially when:

a) It is well known that several school Districts in several states have banned the Donkey-Basket Ball Events and found other alternatives.
) There are dozens of (independent and organized) petitions online to ban the “Donkey Basket Ball”events especially from our schools.
c) There is dozens of articles about the "Donkey-Basket Ball" and the effect and consequences they have in the values of our students and community.
d) There are event some literature online that support the fact that the animals involved in the "Donkey Basket Ball" suffer from physical abuse and some mental abuse as part of the frightening and rattling nature of the event and the passive and gentle temperament of the donkeys.
e) There are some articles written by experts who agree that this events makes encourages the children to engage in "bully and abusive" behaviors after being exposed to this events, transferring it to siblings, friends or pets in order to recreate the "excitement" they experienced during this bizarre "Game".
f) Finally in the field of Abuse itself, you have to be aware that your school is not the only one where these docile animals will be transported. This is the season of the "Donkey Basket Ball". To avoid or minimize "pooh or pee" accidents during the show they are deprived from food the day of the event until the event is over. They might perform the very next day and they will go through the same process of food deprivation. This is not humane treatment and even if the owner calls it "training" you should know it is not, but abuse.

As responsible adults, parents and teachers we need to take the lead and guide properly our next generations, making sure they receive the proper message and examples from us.

I am Virginia Holmes. My children are in the Elementary School and I love so dearly my School. I volunteer and participate a lot in the classroom as in the School events. I have learned to appreciate the teachers and I know each one of the children that are in the classroom with my children. I would never wish less for them as I wish for mine and it is cause of concern to what these little children will be exposed to. School is taken seriously by the kids along with what is taught in it. I am also member of Nitro Foundation, an Organization dedicated to improve Animal Welfare Laws in our States. We also teach the community about animal abuse and with my experience background of the cases we handle every day, I can give testimony that the Event the school is sponsoring causes more harm than benefit in the long run to the children and the community. With more and more schools banning this events and the raise of informed parents about what Abuse and bullying is and how it starts, the "Donkey Basket Ball" among other events involving animals for entertainment will come to an end.

My respects to you and your family,
Virginia Holmes. 

Update #18 years ago
Friends, thanks for signing the Petition to Ban the Donkey Basket Ball event from our School. Our Petition expires next week (September 30th / 2013). We hope this action bring a change inside the school to compassionate events. Animals should not be used for pure entertainment and pleasure. By nurture such selfish values in our children, we are raising bullies.

Thanks for your signature.
Virginia Holmes (Ohio)
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