Boycott Japanese Products For Dolphins And Whales

Japan still continues to hunt whales under the pretense of "scientific research" and plans on expanding their whaling area next year. They also hunt dolphins. The dolphin drive hunts at Taiji are the most notorious example, where whole families of dolphins are driven into a cove and massacred in the most barbaric and hideous manner.

Even baby dolphins are killed or callously dumped back at sea to fend for themselves (leaving them no chance of survival), so the "fishermen" meet quota restrictions. A "lucky" few dolphins are spared to live a life of excruciating captivity in Sea Parks around the world - a lucrative trade for these so-called "poor fishermen". The drive hunts are claimed to be a tradition but in fact go back only to the 1960s. The explanation that it's tradition is a transparent justification for the millions of dollars made off the sale of dolphins and whales.


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  • Our Boycott will tell show Japanese companies our petition (which will also be reflected in their profit numbers). We will tell them in order to get our business back they MUST support & sponsor an industry change for the people involved in the hunt or Dolphins and Whales in Taiji & other cities (like Whale Watching).
  •  Swimming with dolphins' in marine parks may seem innocuous but the captive dolphins may be sourced from Taiji, the trade in captive dolphins is what fuels these hunts, the meat often stays in storage for months or ends up as pet food or fertilizer.
  • Donations given worldwide for Tsunami relief were misappropriated by the Japanese government. By rigging the tax system, the donations freed up money that was used to bolster Japan's whaling industry, and even funded the ARMING of whaling ships!
  • The American public may not be aware that the U.S. is bound by defense treaties to help Japan in their mindless squabble with China over the unpopulated Senkaku Islands. So the U.S. risks involuntarily being war allies with Japan. 

For more info please watch these SHORT videos:

"The Cove" trailer:

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. The time is ripe to END THE HUNTING OF DOLPHINS AND WHALES by a targeted boycott of Japanese products, where alternative non-Japanese brands are available. Let the Japanese capitalists themselves do the lobbying for us once their profits go down. 

We signed: I Pledge To boycott the following Japanese companies:


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