Forced breeding, abuse, filthy living conditions, malnutrition, and body deterioration are just some of the things that the dogs in puppy mills must suffer from. 

The process begins when a puppy is bought from a pedigree breeder and is put into a cage which is taken to the puppy mill. Once the puppy arrives, they are put into a very small cage filled with at least 2 other puppies. 

They grow and they grow until they are about 1-2 years old. As they are bigger, there is barely any more room left in the cage. They are taken out one by one and forcibly inseminated so that they will produce pedigree puppies. Once their babies are born, they are immediately taken away from them as eggs are taken from chickens, and the puppies are stuffed into little cages that are stacked one on top of another in giant crates that are transported to what is called a "puppy storage".

Once the puppies reach the "puppy storage" they are unloaded and once again stacked on top of each other in tiny rooms. They are stacked from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, they are rarely fed and they are rarely given water to keep them from growing bigger or "our of their cute stage" and to keep them from peeing and pooing. But of course they have to be fed at some point to keep them from dying, so they are fed 10 pieces of kibble a day. Then they go to the bathroom, and no one cleans it up for them so as you can suspect, the cages are then covered with fices. Which creates a disgusting living environment for them. Can you imagen sleeping on your own poo?

Every now and then, pet shop owners will come and take a look at what "they have in store" and buy about 50-100 puppies from the puppy mill breeder. Why 50-100 puppies? Well because the pet shops want to "keep stock of the puppies". Once the puppies are chosen, they are brought to the pet shops. 

The puppies are transported to the pet shops and they are then stacked in a tiny room at the back of the pet store where no one can see them. Selected puppies are brought out every day and put into the clean cases of the pet shop where people can see them. No one knows this but from the whole process of going from the puppy mill to the pet shop, the puppies can get many different diseases. To prevent these diseases, they are pumped with unlicensed antibiotics by unqualified staff. This not only is ILLEGAL but it LOWERS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM of the puppies, making them prone to the diseases of the outside world. 

This is why the puppy mill industry needs to stop because for one, it is horrible for the dogs that have to go through this, and two because the dogs not only suffer from lack of care, they suffer from abuse as well. They are treated as a product, they are treated as if their lives mean nothing. 

Please sign and help me stop this. 

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