Colorado failed to protect vulnerable dogs when the judge in Kimi Peck’s animal cruelty case ruled that Peck’s past history of animal abuse and neglect could not be admitted at trial. Based on that ruling, the DAs office dropped the charges and now the only hope for justice is for Wyoming to prosecute her.

A week prior to Peck’s arrest for animal cruelty in Colorado, she was forced to surrender 53 severely neglected dogs in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she had been living with them in a hollowed-out trailer at a truck stop. She agreed to relinquish ownership of the dogs to Cheyenne Animal Control under the condition that she not be arrested and tried for animal cruelty and abuse. But Peck had stolen 2 of those dogs, so legally they can not be considered part of the agreement. Those 2 dogs were orphaned Chihuahuas whose mother had died just after giving birth. Peck had been contacted about them through her "rescue" website, and they were put in her care at 14 days old, when she claimed to have a lactating dog to nurse them. When they should have been weaned, Peck refused to return them- even lying to sheriffs who came for them, and saying they'd been adopted out. They lived their entire lives- 5 years- in a tiny carrier with a 3rd dog. They were stunted in growth, suffering from malnutrition, curvature of the spine, and severe periodontal disease. 

20 YEARS OF ANIMAL HOARDING AND ABUSE IS ENOUGH! KIMI PECK MUST BE STOPPED! We respectfully request that Cheyenne, Wyoming prosecute Kimi Peck for animal cruelty and abuse of the two stolen dogs.

Peck's long history of animal hoarding and evictions began over 20 years ago, when authorities were called to her various residences numerous times by neighbors who complained of the noise, stench and cruelty created by Peck's incessant accumulation of dogs. But Peck's hoarding went beyond worst when she met and joined forces with accountant Susan Marlowe in 2003, and they launched Chihuahua Rescue in Burbank, California. With a polished website that claimed to be adopting out dogs, Peck and Marlowe collected close to $1 million in donations over the years, while animal-welfare violations and convictions continued. Peck was finally kicked out of Burbank on a plea deal when numerous volunteers filed criminal charges regarding the horrific living conditions of the 376 dogs, mainly Chihuahuas, that she had amassed and bred. Most of the dogs lived out their lives in filthy, stacked crates, cages and carriers- 24/7, suffering painful illnesses and lingering deaths with no medical treatment. The Chihuahua Rescue website listed dozens of dogs available for adoption, yet Peck would hold “fake” adoption days at her kennel, rarely delivering dogs to potential adopters, as promised.    

When Burbank Animal Control raided Peck's kennel, she crammed every dog she could into a U-Haul, dumped the remaining dogs onto rescuers, then headed north to a $650,000 home in the hills of Tehachapi, California, which she had purchased with Chihuahua Rescue donations. Kimi Peck and Susan Marlowe then launched another rescue website called Dog Angels, claiming that it too, was a sanctuary for unwanted and abandoned pets. They now had two fraudulent websites up acquiring dogs and requesting donations.      

Once settled in Tehachapi, Peck immediately started amassing hundreds of dogs again without a kennel license, claiming that they were her personal pets, and creating a nightmare for the quiet community. Local residents eventually banded together, had Peck declared a nuisance and forced her from the now filthy and dilapidated property, which had become a blight on the community. Neighbor's complaints of continuing foul odors led to the gruesome discovery of several dead dogs in the swimming pool of Peck's condemned property.     

Peck then moved a few miles away onto another property in Kern County, owned by Susan Marlowe. Kern County refused to allow Peck to stay and in 2010, she was evicted again and forced to surrender over 150 dogs and other animals to The Humane Society of the United States, which set up a triage center at the local fairgrounds. Peck crammed her remaining dogs into an old trailer and ended up in the desert community of Phelan, California, where she created a third rescue website, a Facebook page called Chihuahua Rescue Beverly Hills. Another series of evictions eventually forced her into homelessness.           

The Facebook page “Where on earth is animal hoarder Kimi Peck?” was launched and enlisted the help of the community in locating Peck. Peck was spotted living in a Walmart parking lot and then a truck stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming with nearly 60 caged dogs crammed into a hollowed-out trailer and the cab of her truck. She was forced to surrender 53 of them to Cheyenne Animal Control, then fled to Weld County, Colorado with the remaining dogs, where she was arrested the following week for animal cruelty.     

Petition Signer #136: “I’m a former volunteer and reported her (Peck) to the authorities 10 years ago when I witnessed the suffering first hand. She is truly evil. This is not someone that started with good intentions. She had almost 400 dogs and still tried to find more. This woman stacked crates full of dogs and the urine and feces routinely ran down onto the dogs below . She would assure families that couldn't keep their pets that she could find homes for them and as soon as they walked out their pets belongings would be thrown in a filthy pile and their dog would be shoved into a dirty crate...some for YEARS. She fed them just enough to keep them alive. They routinely sat in waste and rarely saw the light of day. The suffering they endured is unimaginable. Many were found dead in their own waste in those tiny wire prisons. The cruelty she inflicted haunts me to this day.......and she's still at it. The legal system has really failed these helpless animals... Will Colorado do the right thing and make it illegal for her to have ANY animals or will they kick the can down the road like every other community???"    

Unless Kimi Peck is convicted of animal cruelty and prevented from ever possessing, owning, or having animals under her control again, her hoarding will continue. Please sign this petition and ask everyone you know to do the same. We must be the voice the animals don't have. We must be the voice they so desperately need.    

Cheyenne Animal Control Rescues 53 Dogs from Animal Hoarder

Accused Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck Arrested in Colorado

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Cleans 53-Dog Serial Hoarder Mess

When is a Rescuer A Hoarder?

Peck Arrested in Colorado/Dead Dogs Found in Swimming Pool of Her Old Property

Puppies Stolen by Kimi Peck 5 Years Ago Reunited with Owner

More that 150 Animals Rescued From Suspected Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck

Kimi Peck on

Information Website Warning Public about Kimi Peck and Chihuahua Rescue

Peck Threatens to Euthanize 200 Dogs

Kimi Peck/Susan Marlowe Claim They're Not a Nuisance/Peck to Take Show on the Road

Serial Animal Hoarder Kimi Peck Opens Another Rescue

Witnesses heart-wrenching accounts of animal hoarder Kimi Peck's cruelty and abuse

Thank you so much for speaking out against animal hoarding. Please forward this petition to help stop serial animal hoarder Kimi Peck, and to help raise awareness about animal cruelty and abuse.

Update #13 years ago

The Colorado judge ruled that Kimi Peck’s history of animal abuse could not be admitted at trial, so the charges were dropped! Now Wyoming is the only hope for justice. Peck was forced to surrender 53 severely neglected dogs in Cheyenne. Two of them- stolen as puppies- lived for 5 years in a small carrier with a 3rd dog. They were stunted in growth and suffered from malnutrition, curvature of the spine, and severe periodontal disease.
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