A Cry For Justice And Peace Within The School System

    Hello my name is ziemyiah and i am starting this petition because since i have enrolled in the Waukegan public school district it has been nothing but chaotic . I am currently in the 8th grade while when i began i was in 3rd. The first school I entered was Whittier elementary. My problems began there . I had issues with physical violence and verbal violence these of which i was the victim of. In that particular school i had pupils hitting me and calling names . Such as ugly,fat , slow, stupid,etc. The second school i attended was Carman buckner elementary ( 4th grade) Where i was also a victim of physical and verbal abuse . In this school i was jumped meaning attacked by multiple students. And this was almost on a daily basis . and nothing was done about it. If i even tried to defend myself id be either suspended or placed in detention. I have my personal property destroyed , My grades have been tampered with. But there is more . Once I was transferred to my third school which was Cooke magnet it had gotten worse. That is where I finished my fourth grade year and graduated from fifth grade. The reasoning of me being switched to Cook were my grades and percentile . I was at a very high level in subjects of reading. While in the third grade i was reading at a seventh grade level . As soon as i got there it was problematic, I was told " i was expected to have issues because of the previous school id come from". And well it was like deja vu because that is exactly what happened . I had issues with students. My very first issue was when I was pushed against the wall for not playing matchmaker. This was just the first. After that the same student decided to continue antagonizing, these were not only one but a group of students who i had to deal with . Another example of the torment i went through would be when i was in orchestra group . We had instruments and a music book which I left both at school. When I returned to school one morning it was completely ripped up and destroyed . Now that's only a few problems with the students but there are much more. I also had problems with the staff . One situation where i was hit by a student and a teacher witnessed it but did nothing to redirect the pupil about his wrongdoing . Yet i was blamed for provoking him which i never did. Another problem i had was when a teacher sprained my wrist and got away with it . The way it happened was ,at the time i was on check in check out ( CICO ) as i went to turn the sheet in to its respectful placing at dismissal i was stopped by my homeroom teacher where she demanded my phone . I began to tell her i needed to contact my mother to make sure i was able to get in my home she cut me off stating “ you do not need to call your mom “ there was a slight back and forth conversation about this when another teacher came and yanked as well as twisted my wrist to gain custody of my cellular device. Which she did the problem here is it states in the student parent handbook that they can not confiscate a pupils property after school and that we are allowed to use it before and after school. The only way they are able gain possession of our fidgets,toys,electronic devices,or anything in that category is if used during school hours. I was attacked multiple times by students within this district and nothing was done about it and if it was it was at last minute circumstances meaning it was way too late. Once i reached middle school i was in Miguel juarez ,it started off fine but in the middle it started being affected by false claims . I was accused of sexully asaulting a teacher , which never happened . The claim that was told was “ She called me a Mr. instead of Ms. “ Which i did no such thing i called her a Ms, But everyone around school was calling her different names . I ended up with it on my record . very disappointing especially considering i didnt even do it. When I was transferred to Robert Abbot middle school the bullying and physical confrontations didn't stop. It got to the point where I was being kicked in my back, hit in my head and more . And when i would let staff officials know they turned a blind eye to it all like everything was some kind of joke. It ended up to the point whereI sustained head concussion syndrome after being beat up and attacked so many times and yet still nothing was done. This school system shadowed me out and pinned me up making it seem like i was a troublesome kid which i assure you i am not. I have lowered my self esteem. I am currently being treated like crap and the worst part about it is that after a mob actioned attack took place I was sent to an alternative school as if I had behavior problems . Not to mention when my grades were tampered with they'd be at a high grade instantly dropped down to a low one . So this is not just a petition to showcase the things I've been through and that was just a brief summary , but it is nothing less than a cry for help . This petition is to cease unjusticeness within the board . I want and need justice i want and need my name cleared and im not going to stop until it comes to that.
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