Demand Quatama Crossing Maintenance To Stop Using Bleach As Weed Killer

I would like to bring to attention that the Quatama Crossing apartment complex in Beaverton Oregon uses a complete if not very high concentration of Pure Bright bleach as a weed pesticide in the complex. Spraying it on sidewalks and around the stairs and doorways.
And come to find out they have done this for a very long time even though people have complained numerous times over the years. Because unfortunately it is not illegal to use it as a weed killer in Oregon. I once witnessed a lady yelling at them because she saw them using bleach which had previously made her dog sick from walking through it.

Pets and Wildlife can be harmed by walking through it and it settles in their fur and paws. This later can be ingested by licking and cleansing themselves and give them bleach toxicity which can be fatal. Also, it can cause chemical burns on paws.

Bleach fumes are harmful to all humans, pets, and wildlife. Inhalation of strong fumes can damage lungs and organs. Again if left on skin can cause irritation and burns. Hopefully there are no children running through it barefoot.

I could go on and on about why they shouldn't use bleach as a weed pesticide but what it really comes down to is getting them to stop and use a safer alternative like Vinegar. There are many safer options.

And it also takes us as a community to stand together and make it happen! Let's demand a safer apartment complex for all of us. Humans, pets, wildlife, and the environment!

Update #14 years ago
1/9/20 I spoke with the Quatama Crossing office and they said there is nothing they can do directly to stop the use of bleach and it has to go through maintenance department specifically. But they did say they would consult them as well about this major issue. I will keep this updated with the communication of the office staff and their concern on the matter.
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