DEMAND: UK: STOP Hampstead Trial of Neelu & Sabine STOP cover-up of state crimes against babies & children

  • by: lee cant
  • recipient: Every human on the planet, every leader, every government, every country

Video 30 April 2016: Neelu & Sabine to appear in Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock Street, London UK on 11 July 2016 charged with "conspiracy to intimidate witnesses" who are satanic cult members and public servants,

Update on International crimes by the UK plc, "state" against babies from all over world, covered-up by Hampstead Police & CPS, uninvestigated since September 2014 and ongoing: To stop crimes by impostor public servants against babies, children, parents, families, communities; to remove all satanists from public service by demanding a new oath to God to maintain God's laws to serve and protect God's children; to implement gold standard currency to stop the crimes of counterfeit currency of usury, inflation, debt & slave trading of humans; to cease trading of all fraudulent & treasonous, profit led local authorities run by satanists, to create the new structure which recognises the divinity of babies and children as our future community leaders and spiritual masters, not slaves... Satanic Church Exposed 22 March 2015
Neelu outside the church whilst the church service is going on inside on 22 Match 2015. Witness statement of Ella Draper at 33 min
Neelu was falsely accused by CPS & Hampstead Police of being inside the church vexing priest Paul Conrad during church service, whilst she was on Police body worn cameras and CCTV as OUTSIDE the church

Neelu is alleged to have caused the service to be disrupted, yet we have a recording of the entire church service which proves that babies were being tortured several times inside the church - Babies crying at 1hr 2min, 1hr 6min, 1hr 7 min Paul Goss & his wife Valerie continue to falsely accuse Neelu & Sabine of conspiracy to intimidate those inside the church who were not witnesses because Neelu was outside.
Paul Goss assaulted Neelu, witnessed by Police, yet no action was taken
Neelu interviews PC Fraser who is wearing a body camera whilst the church service is going on inside- proof that CPS & police were well aware that neelu was innocent of the false charge of vexing a priest inside the church - but still went to trial on 07 October 2015 when  the six who perjured that they saw Neelu inside the church, failed to turn up. May 2015 Neelu & Belinda outside Holborn Police Station to hand in the 29 page Hampstead Crime Report & High Court application for honour in public service 29 page crime report in the Hampstead case Hampstead CPS & Police ignore IPCC recommendations of a thorough investigation into satanic rituals in UK schools & churches

Free Book by Sabine McNeill "Forced Adoptions - The European Dimension - Imposed By UK Judges - Against Parents' Wills - In Secret Family Courts" click column on right Gold prosperity waiting for us to take action to be able to claim it with our divinity

Neelu's baby neice drug overdosed in state hospital and all organs stolen without consent



Video 30 April 2016: Neelu & Sabine to appear in Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock Street, London, UK in July 2016 charged with "conspiracy to intimidate" satanic cult members who are public servants, teachers, Police, social workers, priests...

Dear Public Servant of UK plc,

We demand all public servants honour their oath to God to maintain God's laws to serve and protect Gods children

We demand a proper investigation into State crimes against babies and children in the UK

We demand that all children kidnapped from loving parents, be returned to the loving parents or family immediately

We demand that all practising satanists are removed from public service and investigated for crimes against humanity, impersonating public servants, dishonouring oath to God to maintain God's laws to serve and protect God's children

We demand the Gold currency structure replaces the counterfeit currency structure of the UK plc, to end debts, inflation, human enslavement, human trafficking, terrorism against the people and children (into State homes, mental hospitals, prisons, agencies..)

We are signing this Petition to end all terrorism by profit led corporate structures (satanism) within the commonwealth countries, to bring honour under oath to God to maintain God's laws to serve and protect God's children (divinity), with remedies and peace for all.

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