Don't amend the Fox Hunting Act by using a Statutory Instrument

  • by: Gerry Chick
  • recipient: David Cameron and the UK Government
The current government want to ammend the Fox Hunting Act to make fox hunting legal again. They tried to do this last year democratically through a vote in parliament. When it became obvious that the majority of MPs would vote against the proposal the government were forced to withdraw it to avoid suffering a humiliating defeat.

Prior to yhe last election the tories promised the tiny minority of people who take part in tthe cruel and content able activity that they would make fox hunting legal again.

David Cameron is now proposing to amend the Act on the quiet and undemocratically by using a Statutory Instrument which doesn't require a vote on the floor of the House.

This action would be a complete and utter contempt of democracy. 83% of the British People and a majority of MPs, including many conservatives, are opposed to reintroducing this barbaric activity during which a lone fox is pursued by a pack of hounds and a group of people usually dressed in red jackets. Once the fox is exhausted it is ripped apart by the hounds while it is still alive.

Please sign the petition to stop David Cameron and his Government from amending the Act against the wishes of the British people and their elected representitives in order to reintroduce this vile blood sport by the back door and in a completely undemocratic fashion
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