Tell Lafayette School, Don't Force Teachers to Sign a Morality Clause

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Our Lady of Fatima School, Lafayette, Louisiana
A new morality clause at a Lafayette, Louisiana school is forcing some teachers to lie in order to keep their jobs. Resigning in protest, the president of Our Lady of Fatima’s Advisory Council called the clause “flawed in many ways."

Among other “sins,” the clause forbids homosexual activity, marriage outside the church and using birth control. Jaci Russo told KATC News it’s a travesty that great teachers who engage in the banned lifestyle had to sign the clause in order to continue teaching - and a farce that it's really about what teachers are willing to admit.

But one longtime and openly gay teacher refused to lie, and Russo says it is exactly this teacher’s quality of character that the school needs as a role model for kids. 

It’s not only discriminatory, but foolish for Fatima to lose its best teachers because of a flawed, unfair contract.

Tell Fatima, don’t force teachers to sign a morality clause!

We, the undersigned, join Russo in her protest of Our Lady of Fatima’s morality clause.

Although Catholics like Fr. John Zuhlsdorf defend the clause because it’s legal in Louisiana and it upholds the Church’s views on morality, it is still discriminatory and a farce, as Russo has portrayed it, if it’s merely about signing a contract rather than living by its terms. 

Zuhlsdorf insists that the gay teacher wasn’t asked to leave; she just refused to sign her contract, as she explained, because she could not do so and still “be honest to its content.” However the school is, in effect, forcing her to leave, because obviously she cannot continue to teach at the school without signing the contract - which would cause her to deny who she is and go against her own moral conscience.

Further disturbing is that this teacher has, according to Russo, worked at Fatima for 30 years with an excellent reputation, and now all of sudden she’s not acceptable, even though it appears she may be the only one with conviction enough to refuse to sign.

Legal or not, Fatima’s actions are discriminatory, and Russo says they also go against the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which she says advises against “unjust discrimination” of homosexuals.

It is also foolish and unfair to Fatima's students for the school to lose such good teachers over a flawed morality clause.

We request that Fatima not force its teachers to sign a morality clause.

Thanks for your time. 

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