Stop Councils & Housing Associations making people get rid of their pets!

  • by: Zoe Jones
  • recipient: Council and housing associations.

Councils and housing associations are making people abandon their beloved pets to either be housed or to move properties. They have limited to only allowing 1 pet per household or even none.

To 90% of people their animals are everything to them and to some its the only things they have in life, making people choose between having somewhere to live or give up their pets which is appalling. Most councils have now limited their housing to 1 pet per household and others not allowing any animals at all, leaving people with more than just one pet to make that heartbreaking ultimatum decision. Which is wrong! Animals are constantly in need of people's help with re-homing, rescuing, medical treatment and a second chance to the ones in desperate need. Which could be the case of life or death to some animals.

By doing this there are more and more animals handed over to shelters, high kill shelters or put on the streets. And some shelters are unable to take in anymore due to the amount of animals being handed over. There are enough with out homes as it is never mind having councils and housing associations making things worse.

Me personally, I could never get rid of my furbabies and having to do so is unthinkable. And my heart goes out to all that have had to do this to be able to get a roof over their heads, as well as the animals on the brunt end of it having to be discarded. So that's why we all need to come together to try and get the Councils and housing associations to up the limit of animals allowed in a household to a reasonable number so that people are able to if wanted, to help animals in this constant vicious circle.
Please sign.

People have the right to own more than one animal, not only do we have the right but it is also nessesary as it allows people to help rescue animals from shelters, the streets and neglect. If people are allowed only 1 or no animals the homeless and shelter animals have no hope! There are hundreds of thousands of animals in this situation and by applying these rules there's not only no hope but it's going to make things 10 times worse as legit shelters are becoming full very quick. As if things wernt bad enough already! The voiceless are the most needy! Thousands of cats and dogs are killed every year already and by doing this we'll be significantly adding to these numbers. We as pet owners are responsible for them and with that we shouldnt be made to have to surrender them. Making people have to choose between their pets or a roof over their heads is obscure. We demand it needs to be changed!

Yours sincerely, Zoe

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