Grandparents against CPS

I am a grandmother from Pennsylvania who is fighting CPS in AZ.  I lost contact with my son six years ago, he had gon to jail and I had moved.  I put a locator out on him.  March 2009 I found my son and also found he had been married and I have two grandchildren ages 3 and 4(boy and girl) whom CPS had taken from their home May 9,2008.  My son told the court and cps from the beginning that they did not know how to contact me but that I lived in PA and would probably take custody of the children.  Under the statues of CPS when children are taken they are to look into all family members before placing in foster care.  I heard nothing.

The day my son received my letter they had a court hearing.  He told the judge and cps he now had contact with me and I would take the children.
 The judge told him to supply cps with my name, address and phone number, he did.  I heard nothing.  I found an advocate in AZ to work with me.

April 13,2009 I wrote to the worker, my son supplies a letter giving permission to release information to me.  I was told if I was trying for custody, she would  advocate against it.

I never received any infomation on the children, and that was the last I heard from the worker dispite my numerous phone calls and voice messages.  My advocate has been in the business 15-20years.  They were being stonewalled also.  We figure it's the  "Good OLD BOYS' way going on.  The foster family being friends of  cps and having money.

Aug. 2009 I finally got through to the cps supervisor who informed me my grandchildren were now under an adoption worker.  The foster family wanted to adopt my grandchildren from the very being.  I was able to get in touch with her.  This is what she had to say:"The children's attorney has made it very clear to me that AZ would not  consider moving the children against their therapist's strong recommendations-due to the fact that they both have experiennced a great amount of emotional damage during their formative years and it would be extremely detrimental to even consider moving them.  I know it doesn't really mmake sense for ICPC to be involved at this point in the  case, but I was informed that the only reason why there is an ICPC request is because it's bureaucratic/court requirement."

The children's attorney is cps appointed, the therapist is cps appointed.  If they would have not broken their own statues and laws this would not be happening.  I have written to the Atty. Gen., the Govenor of AZ, a Senator, two newspapers, and AZ's 3 On Your Side, the Foster Care Review Board and the Judge.  On Sept. 11,2009 I was informed that they had switched judges on me.  I did manage to get a conference call for Sept 14 adoption hearing.  I was postponed.  I was told because of unresolved issues in the first judge's court.  I found out that on May 19,2009 the judge had ordered an expited ICPC to be done on me.  It never happened.  I was told the original request was lost.  How convient.  On Sept. 14,2009 I also received a phone call from my county Children and Youth agency informing me that I was now getting an ICPC done.  I passed the home inspection and currently taking classes, waiting for background to come back.  My worker's supvisor received an email stating for me to continue but they were still going ahead with the adoption.  My worker and supv. thinks it's just to appease me.

I have now rewritten to all parties listed again.  Now I'm asking for your help.

I just wanted to update. As of the beginning of Nov.2009, I finished classses, passed all backgrounds, we even did two extra of the last two counties I lived in to prove no allegations were ever made against me.
My worker called the AZ adoption worker and told her my ICPC was on its way there.  AZ never called back.  Instead she went to court on Nov 17 and told the Judge she never received my ICPC and requested that the children stay where they are and the adoption proceeds.  On Dec 14 there was an adoption hearing.  I do not know what happened.  No one tells me anything.  On the 15th the foster mother called the biological mother asking questions about me (what I'm like and if she felt comfortable with me raising the children). My daughter in law stated she did in fact want me to raise them.
Any one that you anger can make an allegation to cps about you.  You never think it can happen to you.  Allegations are made up all the time.
You may be down and out and cps knows someone who wants to adopt they make up an allegation and your child is gone.  Legalized Kidnapping.

Know your states Parental Rights, be aware of CPS statues in your state.  Have your children carry a note stating that they are not to be questioned without their parents or lawyer present.  Go into your computer and look up Allegations against CPS in your state.  I also just found out that there is an Act called "Fostering Connections to Success and increasing Adoptions Act."  That states to Finding families, identify and locate relatives.

It may be too late for me grandchildren and myself, but it may not be to late for you.  I will keep on fighting.  Children are worth it, they are the future.

We need to reform the CPS agencies in our country.
We the undersigned would would like to put a stop to the way CPS is running their agency.  They aways say family first but it doesn't happen.  Children are being taken from their homes and other family members are not being looked ate for possible placement.  I am one of those people that is fighting the system for my grandchildren.  The children's attorney should be an outside attorney not CPS or state appointed the therapist should be an outside agency also.  The social workers should be held responsible when documents are lost, such as a judge's request for an expited ICPC to be done.

We need reform  our family value in the United States is being destroyed.
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