Ask America's Auction Network to stop seliing ivory and conducting "Ivory Sale Week"

Whether "legally or illegally" obtained - the obtainment of ivory is a shamelss, heinous practice,  It is just another form of the selfish hedonism so many now indulge in with no regard for anyone other than themselves, and blatantly state this is their right.  The truth is majestic creatures are slaughtered (poisoned, shot, snared, leg hold trapped, their faces sliced off with machetes and left to suffer for hours or days) - ranging from whales, to walruses to elephants to rhinos (the black rhino is now extinct).  And for what?   A trinket, a bracelet?  Baby elephants stand next to their mother's rotting corpses.  Archaic, painful and brutal methods of obrtainment are used.  Ask this station does the almighty dollar speak louder than their conscience?  Ask them to show their viewers they do have emapthy for these exploited, innocent beings  - to publicly announce they will no longer perpetuate such a horrific crime against the innocent animals.  Please call America's Auction Network today.  Thank you very much.  Phone: 727-321-5728
Toll Free: 800-269-9629  PLEASE CALL AND SIGN

America's Auction Network.  I contacted your company regarding your very enthusiastic sale of ivory  - including an "Ivory Week".  I was hung up on by one supervisor, but spoke with another that assured me that your ivory is legally obtained.  Legal or not, the obtainment is a horrific process that involves the use of poison, snares, steel jaw leghold traps, machetes, etc.  Elephant babies are left to die next to their mother's corpses.  Others, as in the included video, are not even dead, but left to suffer for hours or even days after most of their face has been hacked off.  I was also told that some of your "ivory" is, in fact , bone from cows.  Slaughterhouse "debris"  Do your buyers know this?  Why not show your viewers that you do have some compassion and end the sale of ivory and the "Ivory week " specials.  Tell them that you have realized that this is cruel.  Tell them that your conscience is speaking louder than the dollar, and you will not support and perpetuate this total disregard for these majestic creatures and this archaic, unspeakable violence.  You may see a tremendous rise in sales due to your show of decency, and not recieve the backlash form animal rights groups or those disgruntled by the fact thay have been "duped" and cow bones have been substituted for ivory.  I run a publication titled the Healthy and Humane Observer and will feature this story in my next issues.  My readers will contact you.  You KNOW where this ivory is coming from - do not practice apathy and greed any longer.  Do the right thing. There ARE other ways to make money that do not include murder and torture.

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