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What are genetically modified organisms? They are plants or animals that have been genetically altered by scientists with other types of DNA to form essentially a 'new' plant or animal. Monsanto is a very large company that produces much of the worlds genetically engineered plants and animals commonly called GMO’s. I realize 150.000.000 million signatures sounds a little ridicules, but if half of the US of A’s population comes to the realization that genetically modified organisms are not good then we are on a good start to making the world a better place. Consider this a wake up call, if we start at the beginning then there will be a domino affect and everything will fall into place. Better farming practices will equal a better future for generations to come. Here are some great facts to why you should help this petition out.

People genetically modified organisms (GMO's) are not good for us. In fact they create major health problems. Chronic illnesses such as food allergies and autism (among other illnesses) have sky rocketed since GMO's have come onto the market.

And I quote:

"The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients."

Has your doctor ever prescribe a non-GMO diet to you? I didn't think so, and if they did that is a rare doctor-a good one to. You can read more at:

If the majority of the world powers such as Russia, China and Japan and nearly all of Europe (among many, many other leading countries) bans, prohibits or limits GMO's while the USA and Canada are among the only countries allowed to manufacture and feed its population this food, dose that not say something to you?

There are so many farmers whose lives have been ruined by this company, Monsanto. And so many lives such as yours and mine have been lied to and deceived about our foods that our children will continue to eat if we don't stop these large companies. As a farmer if your fields are contaminated with GMO’s from another crop, even in your garden, you can potentially be held accountable and a lawsuit can be filed against you. Many a farmer have lost their farm and livelihood because Monsanto and other companies have sued (and are in the process of, yes ongoing battles are still persistent) these farmers, because their crop was cross pollinated with Monsanto’s crop without their consent.

Nearly 80 percent of your food has been genetically altered, the majority of it being corn, soybeans and cotton. Just think of it like this, your beef is now a vegetable and your vegetable is now a beef. If it is certified organic and or labeled non-GMO then the chances of your food, seeds you buy for your garden and the pollen that the bees carry to make your honey is going to be in some form a genetically modified organism.

Not only can GMO’s create health issues, and a doctors bill, they lead to an increase in pollution through the application of herbicides which are applied to fields and gardens. These herbicides contaminate the soil and any future seeds that come from that particular crop. The run off, rain water that runs off of the land into streams and lakes essentially causing the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, is caused in parts to poor farming practices from these chemicals. The overuse of these weed killers and insect killing herbicides have created herbicide recent plants and animals, making it much more difficult for the natural process to take care of weeds and pesky insects. Using GMO’s and herbicides go hand in hand, stop using and promoting GMO’s and you eliminate the need for herbicides.

We all know that Agent Orange is not safe right? Monsanto among other biotech companies promoted agent orange, saying it was safe to use. They lied to us once, now they are saying that GMO’s are safe. Do you want to take the chance again? How hard is it to say no, I want my food to be as natural as it was the day it was born? Think of your kids and their future. The government I hate to say is pretty lax about issues in regards to GMO’s so it is up to you and me to stop brain implants in our tomatoes.
GMO’s do not increase the yields of food production, so why use them? In fact non-GMO farmers on average have a higher yield, nearly 80 percent in production.

Genetically modified organisms are harming the environment. It’s a proven fact. Regardless, without the environment what would we live in? What kind of world would this be without fish, without the birds and trees and life as we know it? GMO’s are creating a lot of the worlds problems. Help stop the contamination of the soil, water and habitats for all animals on Earth. It’s our community, lets do it right.

Thank you for your support.
We the undersigned would love for you to stop producing and creating Genetically Modified Organisms or alter any forms of altered foods through genetics.

We thank you most sincerely for your time and consideration.
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