We urge the Brazilian Navy not to bomb the Archipelago of Alcatrazes

    The Brazilian Navy informed that it will bomb the Alcatrazes Archipelago during a military exercise to be held on August 16 and 17. The exercises are to be concentrated on Sapata Island, the second largest in the archipelago. Located on the northern coast of São Paulo, the Archipelago of Alcatrazes is the largest breeding site of seabirds on the Brazilian coast, sheltering about 10,000 birds - including the largest nest of frigate birds in the South Atlantic.
    The site is also one of the most important fish nurseries on the continent. The ecological sanctuary is home to extremely rich flora and fauna, totaling more than 1,300 species. Of these, 93 are threatened with extinction and at least 20 are endemic - that is, they only exist in the archipelago. This is the case of the Alcatrazes warbler, the Alcatrazes tree frog, and the Cycloramphus faustoi frog. For these reasons, Alcatrazes has been nicknamed the "Galápagos of Brazil".
    During the military dictatorship, the Brazilian Navy began using the Alcatrazes Archipelago as a training area, causing a series of environmental damages to the site. In 2004, a shot fired at the archipelago during a military exercise caused a fire that destroyed 20 hectares of native forest, resulting in the death of thousands of animals. Military exercises in the archipelago were banned in 2013, during Dilma Rousseff's government, and the site received legal protection when it was declared a Wildlife Refuge, becoming the second largest integral conservation unit of the Navy, after the Abrolhos National Marine Park.
    In November 2021, ignoring repeated appeals from environmentalists and conservationists, and even the recommendations of government agencies such as ICMBio, the Brazilian Navy decreed that it will resume military exercises in the archipelago.
    Via Pensar a História
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