Change the Law - Don't Take My Dog

The city of Des Moines currently has a law that I believe is a form of CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!  This ordinance is a part of the Des Moines Municipal Code and identified as Chapter 18, Article II, Sec. 18-58.
On August 13th, 2012, I will be speaking before the City Council to ask that this law either be changed or eliminated from the City Code.

This horrible law allows the City of Des Moines to simply take away someone’s beloved pet, who has been “declared” vicious simply because of it’s breed, if it gets out of their yard more than once (if not properly licensed) or more than twice (if it is properly licensed), with total disregard to any of the following facts:

> The dog is tested and deemed to be NON-AGGRESSIVE
> The dog has NEVER had an incident report of hurting another animal
> The dog has NEVER had an incident report of causing harm to any human being
> The dog has NEVER had an incident report of destructing property of any kind
> The dog IS licensed but the fee for that license is delinquent

If every single one of these facts is true, the dog is still taken away from the owner.

I'm not sure what “good to the community” they believe this law provides but can identify some of the bad. Please consider the following points as they relate to this law:

>>> This law takes a dog away from it’s owner that has been identified as NON-AGGRESSIVE but does not prevent the owner from obtaining another dog of the same breed, which COULD potentially be aggressive.

>>> This law simply takes a dog from one owner and gives it to another owner (by adoption from the shelter).

>>> Taking a dog away from an irresponsible pet owner DOES NOT teach the owner responsibility.  There are better ways to accomplish this.

>>> Taking a dog from a home where it is loved and wanted just to place it in an already overcrowded shelter to be housed and fed until it can be adopted out is just stupid and a waste of taxpayer’s money. And that is IF the dog gets adopted. If not, then the City of Des Moines incurs the cost of unnecessarily euthanizing the dog also.

If you agree with me that this law makes no sense and would like to see it changed or eliminated, PLEASE add your name to my petition so that I may take it with me and show the City Council that I am not the only person wanting a change to their law. Also PLEASE feel free to show your support by attending the City Council meeting with me on August 13th.

Thank you for taking the time to read my petition and also for your support!!! I am short on time for acquiring signatures so could you PLEASE post this and give all your friends the chance to read it and show their support by signing it also.   

Thank you for supporting me on this issue.  It is my hope and goal to get this law changed so that they stop taking people's family members away from them.  If speaking to the City Council does not work, then I intend to take it as for as I need to go in order to stop their nonsense.

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