Stopping the violence angainst the peaceful protests of the Ecuadorian folk

    The president of Ecuador
    All the represents of the Ecuadorian Government
    All men and woman in the Ecuadorian police and army
    All Governments in the world that stands for democracy and humanity

    In the name of all the people in Ecuador that peacefully rise their voice in this moment I ask for immediately stopping all forms of violence against the protests here and now.

    A peaceful protest is a human right, and if you, Mr. Moreno, speak about taking care of the democracy in your country and use the forces of the police and army to treat peaceful protests with violence, with tear bombs and other forms of violence against the humanity you abuse the meaning of democracy and you not longer walk in the path of the human mankind in the meaning and the spirit of humanity and democracy.

    I inform you, that you and everything what happens here right now is seeing from many people all over the world with open eyes and open hearts.

    Only because of you not let go out information's and use the medias in the country only in your sense, not means that you are not seeing.

    We see you and the situation in Ecuador and we hear from our brother and sisters in the country what happens right now.

    We hear about civil courage of a lot of people, indigenous and non indigenous folks, woman and men, children and elders, that demonstrate in the city's of Ecuador for their democracy right to speak and to be heard and how their free will and peaceful protest is threaten with strong forms of violence outgoing from the governments forces.

    We hear about people that are killed and a lot of people that are hurted.

    We hear about indigenous people that occupied petrol mines in the Amazon Forrest for stopping the destruction of the health of the Ecuadorian nature.

    We hear about a lot of mines that have the legal permission from the Ecuadorian Government to work in areas that are very important for the source of clean water for the people of Ecuador and that this for sure will harm the purity of this waters.

    The majority of the people that rise their voice here and now do this in a peaceful way and you have now to hear to all this people because you are the elected represent of all the Ecuadorian folk.

    Stopping violence Mr. President or you are not longer the democracy represent of this country.

    I ask all police and army forces of Ecuador to stop support this form of violence against the humanity, against the people of your own folk.

    I ask all the governments in the world that going conform with the declaration of the human rights in the resolution 217 A from the 10.12.1948 to use their possibility's to help the folk of Ecuador in his form of peaceful protests which happens here right now and to taking care for this human rights.

    I not support any form of robbery and violence that is outgoing from a minority of people in the country that abuse the moment of the organized strike for their own benefit, so I ask the legal forces of Ecuador to concentrate in stopping any form of this abuse, but to not hurt any form of peaceful protest.

    I ask for peace.

    Johannes Sobko, 12. Oktober 2019
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