Animal Lovers Against Aquapets Of Moulsham Street Chelmsford

  • by: Ben L'Agey
  • target: Chelmsford Borough Council

Aquapet's have been trading with below standard conditions for the animals in their care for too long. For as long as I can remember whenever anyone mention's the name of the shop someone always has something negative and never positive to say about it, yet they are still trading. 
:- The wrong husbandry advice is given.
:- Animals die within weeks of getting them home.
:- Animals in the shop are sometimes ill or dying.
:- The reptiles are so malnourished you can see spines.
:- Chinese water dragons have metabolic bone disease and have been seen in the same enclosure as a bearded dragon. (My personal experience)
:- Iguana's have no UV light available to them, neither do the Bearded Dragons or Water dragons.
:- Big snakes are in tiny vivariums with no room to move.
:- Doe rabbits give birth in the enclosures in front of customers in a high traffic area, and as a result the mother is at risk of killing the babies for all to see. 
:- The puppies (although I'm assured they don't) have fleas that you can quite clearly see on the lighter coloured ones.
:- The Hermanns Tortoise had pyramiding, a condition directly contributed to by bad diet and husbandry.
:- Leopard Gecko's had shed stuck over their heads like hoods, and were dangerously underweight.
:- The wrong size feeder animal is suggested to use for hatchling cornsnakes and as a result they die after only 2 weeks in their new home.
:- Basking bulbs not advised for bearded dragons who live in Desert conditions.
:- Thermostats not advised for any heat emitting bulb or ceramic element, which is a severe fire hazard and can cause severe burns if the reptile is to touch it, resulting in you having to literally peel your snake from the bulb.
:- Bulb guards not used in any of the vivariums, high risk of burns again.
:- The wrong substrate used for the water dragons and bearded's, high risk of imapction due to swallowing of said substrate.

There are many more points to be made, the ones i have listed are enough to make people think before purchasing an animal there, or at least consider confronting the owner when offered the wrong advice.
   The animals that are in their care are not being looked after properly, Law's are in place, but it seems these Law's aren't working to the benefit of the animal, but rather to the benefit of the shop owner so they are able to  squeeze as much profit out of the shop as they can without a thought being paid to the animals welfare. If interested in compiling further statements of your experiences within this shop, or supplying photo evidence of animals that you have purchased from this shop then please email

I personally do not want the shop shut down, i realise it brings revenue to Moulsham Street, and could be a valuable part of the community, but i believe that more stringent checks should be made to ensure that the welfare of the animals comes first, basic things. 
   I realise i could get into trouble for this, but I'm only voicing what alot of people in the district of Chelmsford have felt for many years. If needs be i would be willing to help out at the shop itself if it meant that the animals were kept in the right conditions for sale. Thankyou very much for reading. Ben          

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