• by: clint p
  • recipient: Michael Creed. Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Guy Parker. Advertising Standards Authority

There is no 'humane' treatment of animals considered as 'food.' Irrespective of which animal is considered as a meal, its life from the cradle-to-the-grave is going to be one of abject misery, torture, brutality and finally murder. Representation of such cruelty is often portrayed, through media and shop facades, as a savoury delight to be consumed with anticipation and satiation. It is a far-cry-from-the-truth!

There is not enough space within the context of this petition to describe the animal holocaust taking place (and has taken place in the modern era) but be assured billions of animals die in the most inhumane way. It is time to remove the misconception that animals enjoy pain and suffering. It is time to deconstruct myth that somewhere in amongst the blood-and-gore, there is justification for barbarity.

I call for all media advertising of dead animals as food to be banned. I call for all media advertising of dead animals as furnishings, clothing, and accessories to be banned. I call for all shop facades of food-outlets displaying images of happy, smiley animals to be banned. I call for all foodstuffs sold in retail outlets to have accompanying images of the animal being slaughtered appended to the 'product.' A radical overhaul of the tobacco industry's imaging brought change to the way cigarettes and smoking are perceived, consequently, change has happened within the tobacco industry, the same thinking towards the objectification and commodification of animals should be implemented in much the same way. If people choose to eat animal products, they should be aware of its implications.

Ultimately, humankind will evolve and future generations will look back at us (in much-the-same-way as we view our ancestors) and compartmentalise us as sub-humans. Our actions towards each-other, animals and the environment delineate us as unevolved, uncompassionate, uncaring, selfish and without conscience. Not all of us. Those that care are trying to correct the imbalance and it requires no special talent, only a degree of humanity spread equally across all aspects of our existence can lead to a better future for all on this planet.

I am well-aware that vegans are going to be the only subscribers to this petition (carnism not being their preferred choice of lifestyle) however, it is important to raise questions on how we perceive some animals as cuddly companions and others as 'food.'

Update #15 years ago
I apologise for not listing a 'target.' I wanted vegans to be aware, to sign and then I would show the result on my website and then decide who would be the' target, at least in the UK. To the person that gave me the link to 'FARMAGEDDON,' thanks.
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