Trying To Stop Unfair Landlord Who Is Doing Illegal Things.

My landlord overcharges certain people for electric bills, which is in his name. He seems to target certain people in the RV park.  He refuses to let me know what the name of the electric company is, so I can have them investigate. I've seen his receipt book & noticed that he scratches out a lot of stuff on certain receipts(all of mine were there)and then rewrites new figures.  We have a public shower that most of us use, as we can't afford to buy propane for the electric bills.  He abruptly shut off the electric to the showers and when I complained, he said it was a punishment.  He said since some people can't shut off the electric when they're done with the showers, he'd shut the electric off.  He also said that we don't need to see to shower.  He has changed my electric meter, without my knowledge; as well as a neighbor's. I'm not sure how many he has changed. The meter he put on for me is from Springfield, IL and the company expired in 1978. He does nothing to keep the park clean and free from debris. He is now harassing me for what he says I owe and I believe this is because I have rejected his sexual advances one too many times.

I finally found out who the electric company is and contacted them.  All they said was that he is probably using his own equipment.  Am I wrong in thinking that they should be outraged?  Isn't this illegal? 

DeborahI am currently living in an RV park, in my own RV.  My landlord is getting totally out of control and doing all kinds of illegal things to us. For example:  He changes our meters, if we complain about the bill(we HAVE to pay him, he refuses to let me know who the company is).  These "new" meters are 2-3 faster than the ones we had.  My meter says it's from Sangamo Electric Co. from Springfield, ILL.  I did a search and discovered that this company went out of business in 1978. I live in the Rio Grande Valley, TX.  He takes our mail to his house and then hours later, he puts in our boxes.  I live right next to the mailbox and see this daily.  He shut off the electric to the public showers, without warning.  When I complained to him, as many of use these showers, he said it was a punishment; because some people can't turn off the lights.  When I told him I use those showers, as my water heater died 4 months ago; he said I didn't need to see to shower. He does absolutely nothing around the park.  I've lived here for 5 months and there is STILL a humongous pile of debris around the dumpster.  You can barely get to it.  There are tree limbs laying all around and people just drive over them.  My RV has been hit twice by these limbs.  About 6 weeks ago, I noticed that it looked like two of my tires had been slashed.  A couple of days later, they blew.  My RV tilts badly and rocks like crazy when the wind blows.  I just need some help getting tires and getting it running.  As far as I know, it only needs a battery and tune up to get it running.  As soon as I can get it road ready, I am going to move.  Then, I intend to file a lawsuit against this landlord.  This has been going on for years.  He also never gives us receipts.  I have only got 2 since I've been there.  We never get receipts for electric, he adds it to the rent receipts.  He showed me his receipt book and I noticed that certain people's receipts were barely readable, he scratched out so many times.  Then, he would add new figures.  I also noticed that some receipts were perfect.  After a little investigation on my part, I discovered that only those of us who own our RV's and for some reason or other can't move them are targeted. For some reason, I seem to be more targeted. Maybe because I am a single disabled woman and he thought I'd be easier to fleece or something. A neighbor, who is also on SSI is at least 3 months behind and he is living in peace. Please help me get out of this park, so I can put a stop to this illegal activity.  Someone needs to, I guess it's going to be me.  He messed with the wrong person this time, lol.  Thank you for whatever help you can do, it means a lot.

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