Amplitude DLC?? (Keeping the FreQuency/Amplitude Series Alive!)


We, The FreQ Community, would like to help keep the FreQuency/Amplitude series alive and have been bringing our ideas together to help show Harmonix Music Systems the potential of the series and how to keep it from dying off again. We have compiled many ideas that we feel will greatly help Harmonix with advertising as well as bring more attention and fans to the series and we would like an Amplitude DLC Fig Fundraising Campaign in order to bring these ideas to life. We put a lot of time and work into this and we hope that our ideas will be taken into consideration and wish for Harmonix to do everything they can to make our ideas a reality. Please carefully and thoroughly read through our requests keeping in mind that a lot of thought and love was put into this and we're trying our best to help however we possibly can. Thank you!

New Patients

Each DLC should include additional campaign stories (made up of more in-house music from Harmonix Music Systems), more Quickplay songs, new Nano-Blasters, new features, new modes, and more Trophies. It takes more than a "Perfect Brain" to make music, it takes heart and soul aswell, which is why we feel that the first DLC should be Mari's Heart. The following DLC would introduce us to a new patient's brain, and the DLC after that would be the new patient's heart. Each DLC should folow this cycle of "Patient's Brain", "Patient's Heart", "Patient's Brain", "Patient's Heart", Etc. each with unique storylines and different conditions/reasons for the procedure. The campaigns for the new patients would be selected on a new "Patient Selection Menu" where the patients would be lined up to choose from and when a patient is selected it would give the option to choose the brain or heart of the patient, and once a choice is made the player would be brought to the Difficulty/Nano-Blaster Selection and Campaign Progress menu. The Patient Selection Menu would have different animations for each patient depending on the progress made in the patient's campaign, here are some of the possible animations it could show:

- If you haven't beat the patient's Brain or Heart Campaign it could show a wireframe of the patient lying on a bed
- If you beat the main campaign of the Brain (excluding the Bonus Campaign songs) it could show the patient asleep in the bed
- If you woke up the patient by completing the Brain Campaign it could show the patient awake in the bed
- If you beat the main campaign of the Heart (excluding the Bonus Campaign songs) it could show the patient breathing
- If you complete the Heart Campaign it could show the patient sitting up in the bed
- If you complete both the Brain & Heart Campaigns it could show the patient standing up out of the bed, fully recovered

A mixture of any of these could take place aswell depending on what order the Brain & Heart Campaigns are completed in and the progress of completion on each, but the patient would only stand up out of the bed if everything is complete. Since Mari has a "Smokey" look and her Brain Campaign consists almost entirely of Techno/Electronica songs, we feel that each patient should have a different elemental look that relates to the patient's story and the style of music in the patient's Brain/Heart, for example a water elemental patient who's sad and wants a depressing memory wiped from their brain and the heartache removed from their heart and has softer music styles, or a fire elemental patient who maybe has anger stemming from a brain tumor and maybe has a heart attack and would have harder music styles. Each patient could also have different Medical Practitioners performing the procedure (rather than just Sarah) with different phrases at the end of each Campaign Cutscene! If possible, we would also like a final patient who's brain DLC is all the Amplitude (2003) songs and heart DLC is all the FreQuency songs, and the "FreQ Raritys" (Reeload - Why; BT - Godspeed; P.O.D. - Space) would be included as Quickplay Unlockables (with the most difficult "Unlock Conditions") and maybe other songs from all the FreQuency and Amplitude (2003) Artists/Bands as Quickplay Unlockables aswell.

New Nano-Blasters

We feel Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn could use more Nano-Blasters and we have some ideas for what some of the new Nano-Blasters could be. We'd very much like the original Beat-Blaster back as a Nano-Blaster (with fresh new graphics) and we think it should be called "Spectre" and should be the Backer Reward Nano-Blaster for the Fig. We would also like a transparent Nano-Blaster that reveals the inner-mechanics of it (similar to transparent controllers), and a Nano-Blaster that's similar to a Glass Butterfly would be neat aswell. We think Themed Nano-Blasters could help bring more fans to the series, for example we could bring more Star Trek fans to the series if we had a Starship Enterprise Themed Nano-Blaster, and maybe even get Red Dwarf fans into the series with a Starbug Themed Nano-Blaster!

New Features

We have ideas for additional features too! We would like customization for everything in the game, from Nano-Blasters (whether it be just color customization or a "Mix n Match" parts to design a Nano-Blaster ourselves) to the Tracks and even a Background selection aswell. Maybe we could get the Monkey Heads (originally a cheat) back as a customizable option for the notes! We would also like to see an added "Filters" option that would include a "Synesthesia" filter like we see in the end of Dalatecht and throughout Wayfarer, and a "Color Revival" or "Paint" filter (similar to the game Ongaku) where everything would start out in black and white and the amount of color that returns to the song would relate to the "Sequences Cleared" percentage (in Multiplayer it would show the colors for the player/team in the lead). Alternatively, there can aso be a filter that's the oposite of the Ongaku-esque filter, starting out fully in color and removing the color for every mistake made. A "Fixed Camera" option to see all the tracks in Single Player would be neat if it's possible. There should be more team colors too, all the Nano-Blaster colors should be available options for the team colors and this would also allow for 3 teams in multiplayer (or 4 teams for an alternate "Free for All"). We feel that if Harmonix owned the rights to the FreQuency/Amplitude series a lot more could be done with it which is why we think the final "Stretch Goal" for the Fig should be for Harmonix to purchase the rights from Sony. Fig Backers should even get a purple "F" next to their name in the game in addition to the green "K" from the Kickstarter!

New Modes

We would also like to see several new modes added to the game and we have ideas for what some of the new modes could be. Instead of the "FreQ Mode [On/Off]" option, it should be replaced with "Mode [Amp/FreQ/Morph]", and "Morph" mode would start out in Amp mode and would morph into FreQ mode after a few sequences, and then morph back into Amp mode after a few more sequences (morphing back and fourth throughout the entire song) awarding the player bonus points for keeping a streak during a morph transition (making Morph mode worth more points than FreQ mode). Multiple difficulty levels in Multiplayer would make another great addition to the game... In the event of multiple difficulty levels in Multiplayer, the notes (equal to the player/team's difficulty level) would appear on the player's track, while every unoccupied track would show nothing but the first note until a player jumps to that track revealing the notes equal to that player's difficulty. We would also like a Multiplayer Battle Mode where each player/team has energy just like in Single Player and Last Player/Team Standing wins (or whichever player/team has the most health by the end of the song). Another great Multiplayer mode would be a Racing mode that would increase the track speed for every sequence that the streak continues and would slow the track down when the streak breaks (each player having an MPH display underneath the Powerup slot), and the winner(s) would be determined by the overall amount of speed that was aquired throughout the song. We also request another opportunity to raise funds for Remix Mode and Online Play as DLC via the Fig.

In-House Campaign Music & New Artists/Bands

As previously stated, we'd like to hear Harmonix do more styles/genres for the In-House Campaign music in the future DLC stories (each style/genre relating to the patient's element). Some of the styles we'd like to hear from Harmonix include styles like System of a Down's "Arto", C2C's "Down the Road", GRiZ/GRiZMatic's style of music, and something similar to "The Munsters Theme" by Jack Marshall and "The Streetbeater" by Quincy Jones. We would also like User Generated content like Rock Band had with the Rock Band Network (RBN), and we think it should be called the FreQuency/Amplitude Network (FAN). We feel the Backer Reward song should be Komputer Kontroller's cover of Sum 41's "Still Waiting" (From Symbion Project's Amplitude EP) aswell.

We understand that Artist/Band pricing is an issue for Harmonix which is why we compiled a list of Artists/Bands that we believe should be fairly cheap and easy to aquire for Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn DLC, including "Points of Interest" from them (showing off the Artist/Band's talent), Contact Information for the Artist/Band (to make Harmonix's job a little easier), comments/quotes from The FreQ Community, and links to the songs listed as the Point of Interest. Whichever Artists/Bands Harmonix can't obtain for the DLCs should be other In-House Campaign styles performed by Harmonix Music Systems.

[CLICK HERE] Suggested Artists/Bands Table [CLICK HERE]

Title Update

In addition to the DLC, we would also like a Title Update that not only fixes any bugs in the game, but also includes the following features:

- Touchpad Button Support - The Touchpad Screen is used to Freestyle via the Flow Powerup, so the Touchpad Button should be an alternate method of activating Powerups.

- Controller Speaker Support - The in-game voice that tells you what powerup you picked up (Clense, Eject, Etc.) should play through the DualShock 4 Controller's Speaker, as well as additional Multiplayer dialogue announcing the Nano-Blaster/Team that "Takes the Lead" ("Raven Takes the Lead", "Shogun Takes the Lead", Etc. ; "Green Team Takes the Lead", "Magenta Team Takes the Lead", Etc.)

-PS4 Pro Support - 4k/HDR support for the PS4 Pro would be another great addition to the game.

- Main Menu "Support" Option - A "Support" option should be added to the Main Menu that would feature options to support the game/series, including a "Donate" option (which would give the donator a Gold "D" next to their name in addition to the Green "K" from the Kickstarter and the Purple "F" from the DLC Fig), a "Feedback" option (to submit positive, negative, or neutral Feedback about the game or new feature requests), and a "Community" option (listing information about the online FreQ Community including the Official Forums, the Unofficial Fan Forums, the Official and Unofficial Social Media Pages and Groups, the PS4 Community Group, and the Amplitude Discord Server)

Motion-Based Beat-Blaster Controler

One big thing that makes the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series so popular are the instruments, bringing more motion and activity to the games, and we feel that Amplitude would get more recognition if it had something like that, which is why we came up with a "Motion-Based Beat-Blaster Controller" (aka the "FreQ Blaster") for Amplitude. We based the design of it off this Airplane Yoke:

Not only does this Yoke design resemble a Beat-Blaster, but it's also the perfect canvas to lay out all the necessary controls required for the FreQuency/Amplitude Series! The 3 laser buttons would be layed out as 6 customizable laser buttons, 3 on the back of each handle (for the index, middle, and ring fingers on each hand), with switches to set "L1", "R1", "R2", and "Inactive" for each button, giving players the freedom to set the exact feel they are comfortable with and providing an alternative for left or right handed gameplay. The tops of each handle would have a "Powerup Activation Button" allowing players to activate powerups via their left or right thumb. The upper-most middle part of the Yoke (hollow in picture) would have a D-Pad for navigating the menus, featuring a touchscreen or "roll-ball" in the center of the D-Pad for use with the Flow Powerup and below the D-Pad would be the "Start", "Select", and "PS" buttons. Finally, the real "motion" of the "Motion-Based Controller" would be a "Tilt" feature, allowing players to use the controller like a steering wheel to jump from track to track! The PS4 version of the controller should also include the lightbar and speaker aswell. Perhaps PDP can can make it seeing as they already make the Rock Band Instruments?

Amplitude (The Movie)

We were introduced to the Beat-Blaster in Amplitude (2003) but were never told exactly what a "Beat-Blaster" is, while in Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn we were introduced to Nano-Blasters and learned that they are Nanobots used for medical purposes, and because they have different names and Beat-Blasters are piloted by FreQs, we assume that Beat-Blasters and Nano-Blasters are not the same thing. Amplitude (2003) portrayed the 5 different groups of songs as cities and industrial regions and gave us an in-depth look into each of them in the background of each song which tells us that Beat-Blasters are vehicles on a planet fueled by music and inhabitted by FreQs, which is where we assume the Applied Meta-Prionics Limbic Tuning Department is located, and being the home of the FreQs we refer to this planet as the planet "FreQuency". We also believe Beat-Blasters are much like hovercrafts and don't actually fly but rather hover above the tracks, which is why we came up with a third "Blaster" that we call the "Mega-Blaster", designed for space travel in the universe where planet FreQuency is located, making the "Space Notes" asteroids/meteorites and the "Space Tracks" an Aurora Borealis (or similar to an Aurora Borealis) in this musical universe. We believe the Beat-Blaster and Mega-Blaster's "Steering Wheel" should also resemble the "FreQ Blaster" (Motion-Based Beat-Blaster Controller) that was previously requested.

With all these theories and conclusions we've come to on this matter, we feel that the series can be made into a movie and would like to see Harmonix Music Systems partner with Dreamworks Animation to make "Amplitude (The Movie)", featuring all the preset FreQs from Amplitude (2003) and updated versions of all the preset FreQs from FreQuency (to fit the animation style of the Amplitude FreQs in the movie) in an epic animated comedy fully loaded with action, suspense, a little drama, and even a tear-jerker moment. The Developer FreQs from FreQuency could even make "Special Guest Appearances" voiced by the original Developers themselves. The movie would also include references relating to the life of the game series, the fundraising campaigns for it, and the struggle to keep the series alive!

In the movie, the planet FreQuency would have a population of [NUMBER OF AMPLITUDE: A CULT CLASSIC REBORN SALES (DURING MOVIE PRODUCTION)] but references would be made about how the planet once thrived at a population of [FINAL NUMBER OF AMPLITUDE (2003) SALES] and how the FreQs' existence has come very close to extinction but the FreQs have been working very hard and fighting to keep the FreQ Race alive... Little do they know their homeplanet FreQuency is in grave danger and FreQkind is closer to extinction than they had ever imagined! Enough asteroids are falling toward the planet to destroy everything and wipe out the existence of the FreQs who inhabit FreQuency... Now it's up to Rex, Dreadgirl, Zoe, and Cyklor to save the planet they call home! While the Courageous Quartet are on their epic quest to save FreQuency, we also find out who Mari and Sarah are, why Mari volunteers for the AMPLITUDE Operation, and exactly how the Twista put her into a coma. To save the day, the 4 heros must take a long journey from their hometown, Neotropolis, and gain access to Mega-Blasters to Blast away the asteroids that threaten their existence while Sarah is trying to bring Mari out of her coma.

Throughout the movie, one of the 4 FreQs would have a younger sibling who's always wanting to help but keeps being told "It's too dangerous", until the FreQs finally realize that there are too many asteroids to deal with by themselves, so they have to find a way to get every FreQ in the world's attention and ask for help, and after they make their inspirational speech to the world, the younger sibling would ask to help again to finally be told "I've got the perfect job for you". Most of the FreQs in the world would fly off to nearby inhabbited planets to find others to help save FreQuency, but the 4 heros' best friends from Neotropolis (Janet, Cybergirl, Bruce, George, T-Bone, Bruiser Roy, Toxic Doom, Crimson D, Spike, Motomatic, Mandy, and Robin) help blast away the asteroids side by side along with the heros. The powerups would be incorporated into the movie aswell, for example in part of the movie, maybe Rex and Cyklor are arguing about something during their journey, and shortly after they're in their Beat-Blasters and still upset at eachother, and Rex uses the Bumper to bump Cyklor off his track, and Cyklor says something like "Oh, you wanna play that way", and bumps Rex back, and Rex says something along the lines of "Oh yeah, let's see how you like this!" and uses the Crippler on Cyklor, and maybe when they're in the Mega-Blasters saving the day with their friends they could use the Autoblaster to clear the last of the asteroids for a big epic finale!

The FreQuency Intro would also be incorporated into the movie in an epic plot twist! After the heros save the day and are celebrating their victory, the movie would return to The Applied Meta-Prionics Limbic Tuning Department where Sarah is asking Mari in desperation to "Please wake up... Wake up Mari... Wake Up..." and it would transition into the scene that we see at the end of Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn, where Mari hears a whisper saying "Wake Up" and opens her glowing white eyes and the screen goes white, and that's where it would go into a real-time first-person scene where the glasses (from the FreQuency Intro that brought the people into the game) are being removed, and the person removing the glasses would be saying "Wake up... Wake up..." and the people from the FreQuency Intro who had their glasses removed would be in a state of confusion and ask "What happened? Where am I? What's going on?", to be told that they've been playing this Virtual Reality Game for [NUMBER OF YEARS SINCE THE RELEASE OF FREQUENCY (DURING MOVIE PRODUCTION)], and they try to get back to living in the real world, but they end up deciding to go back into the game, and as they put the glasses back on the screen would start going white again, and that's when the credits would begin with an epic stylized animation sequence showing the Blasters flying by with the credit highlights before it goes into the full ending credits which should have the Blasters actually playing the credits songs behind the end credits!

The Soundtrack should be a compilation of various song from FreQuency, Amplitude (2003), and Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn, including but not limited to the following songs:

- Symbion Project - FreQout (Should play in the very beginning of the movie)
- P.O.D. - Boom (Should play toward the beginning of the movie... Maybe the second song in the movie... While the heros are having fun in their Beat-Blasters)
- Freezepop - Science Genius Girl (Should play on the part of the movie where it introduces Sarah and the Applied Meta-Prionics Limbic Tuning Department)
- Single White Infidel - Assault on Psychofortress (Should play when the FreQs are getting into their Mega-Blasters and saving the day)
- Harmonix Music Systems (aka "The Autoblasters") - Recession (Should play during the epic stylized animation sequence credits)
- David Bowie - Everyone Says Hi (Metro Remix) (If this song can be used for the movie, it should be the song that Recession fades into when it transitions to the full ending credits, and before the end credits start scrolling, it should say "In Loving Memory of David Bowie")
- Symbion Project - Synthesized (Should be part of the credits aswell)
- Insomniac Games - Crazy Ride (Should be the very last song that plays in the ending credits)

We feel that the movie would really help advertise for Amplitude and bring new fans to the series while also laying the foundation for future games as well as additional DLC, which is why we think a Kickstarter should be hosted to raise funds for the movie (at a seperate time as the DLC Fig as to prevent the fundraisers from clashing with eachother). The Kickstarter Rewards should include a special, metal-cased, foil image copy of the DVD, a Group Photo with Harmonix that would appear after the end credits in the movie (and maybe individual photos that would appear in the Special Features of the DVD), and if funding goes well enough, a stretch goal for the movie to be shown in theaters in RealD 3D! The Special Features on the DVD should also include the making and history of the series with interviews from the creators, and the Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn Trailer should appear before the Main DVD Menu, in the Special Features of the DVD, and before the movie when shown in Theaters.


Assuming funding goes well enough to earn further seQuels in the FreQuency/Amplitude series, we have come up with 4 future titles to complete the series! With the series being "Rebooted" and the new game being re-built from the ground up, some of us FreQs feel that the count in the series is basically starting over and rather than the new Amplitude being the third in the series, it's starting back at the first again... Alternatively, some of us feel like FreQuency was basically the "PreQuel", Amplitude (2003) was the first, and Amplitude: A Cult Classic Reborn is "1.5" or a "Sub-Title" in the series... Either way, that allows the next title in the series to be "Ampli2ude", followed by "3reQuency", "4mplitude", and finally "Pha5e"!


In conclusion, Harmonix's loving and dedicated fans from The FreQ Community feel that these ideas would greatly extend the life of the FreQuency/Amplitude series and ask that Harmonix please try everything in their power to bring our ideas to life and keep the series going. A countdown timer for the Fig Fundraising Campaign would help prepare us and likely cause fundraising to go smoother than the Kickstarter aswell.

From all your FreQy Fans with love,
- The FreQ Community

Special Thanks to everybody in The FreQ Community for contributing to this pitch and/or showing your support and love for the series, to every Artist/Band who bring such amazing music to the series, and of course to Harmonix Music Systems for creating the greatest Music/Rhythm Games EVER! We love you all! ♥


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