Save the Pygmy Sloth From Extinction

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Isla Escudo de Veraguas
The pygmy three-toed sloth is on the edge of extinction - with only about 100 left on the tiny Escudo de Veraguas island off mainland Panama.

And if they can’t make it there, they can’t make it anywhere. The island, with its red mangroves, is their only habitat.

Only recently discovered, this sloth is dwarfed by its mainland kin and also distinguished by a dark band across its forehead. Spending nearly all its time in the trees, falling into the water for a swim now and then, it’s rarely vulnerable to natural predators.

But humans are another matter. Their poaching and destruction of mangroves has already reduced the population by more than 80%, and education and stronger law enforcement is desperately needed, says EDGE, which seeks funding to help this effort.

It’s up to us all to ensure the pygmy three-toed makes it. Ask Escudo De Veraguas to do all it can to save this sloth.

We, the undersigned, ask your authorities and native inhabitants to do all they can to save the pygmy three-toed sloth from extinction.

We understand that, although your island is a protected area, tourism and development is threatening the habitat of this species and that your law enforcement needs to be stepped up and community education initiated to put an end to this habitat destruction and poaching as well.

We support you in your efforts to save this important and endangered animal and thank you for your attention to this serious matter. 

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