Don't disembowel the Endangered Species Act!

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has big plans for reversing environmental laws that protect clean air, clean water, and endangered species. In a recent televised speech, Santorum called the ESA "a radical ideology that says that we are here to serve the earth." In the same speech, Santorum said the ESA puts "critters above people." 

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Endangered Species Act says that animal species that were here long before people have some rights to continue their existence. United States laws clearly prefer people--that's why so many animals are still going extinct--every day. Santorum quotes a passage from the Bible that tells people to be "good stewards" of the earth. What does he think that means if not that we have a responsibility NOT to wipe out other living beings on a wholesale basis? 

Tell Santorum it's critters AND people. That's what the Endangered Species Act is about. The ESA needs to be protected from any modifications that would weaken it even further.
We the undersigned urge you to reconsider your position on the Endangered Species Act. The ESA does NOT need any modifications that would further weaken it. You have accused the ESA of putting "critters above people." However, your agenda for America seems to put corporations above people AND critters. Surely, you do not advocate a sterile earth where humans are the only remaining animal? If that is the case, own up to that vision. If not, cease your attack on the ESA.
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