Recall Mayor Cy Sun City of Pacific

Mayor Cy Sun has single handedly dimantled effective city management by his failure to work with both elected and appointed city officials.  As of today, the city of Pacific has no Public Works Director (resigned), no City Engineer (resigned) and he has also fired the police chief.  Mayor Sun's write in campain was based on political corruption of the past administration and poor fiscal managment.  The completion of numerous civic projects over the past 7 years and the city liquidity after careful investigation proves this to be both inaccurate and misleading to the citiziens of Pacific  He has risked the loss of federal funding for much needed city infranstructure projects as well as future partnesrships with surrounding city governments due to his "my way or the highway" management style and unwillness to communicate with his own city government.  This is a very serious situation for the City of Pacific and it's future. The time action is your own research is get all the facts...not just Mayor Sun's media manipulation. He campained on a platform of what was wrong and what crooks other politicians are...yet he refuses to work with other elected officials and has depleted the city of all managment needed to function on a long term basis.  He is signing off on on permits and inspections that have not be conducted by licensed and recognized professionals, which in turn may put the city and it's taxpayers in a very vunerable and liable footing in the future.

This is a democracy not a dictatorship...the madness needs to stop today.

Dear pacific resident/taxpayer,

I am currently employed by another smaller city in the State of WA and am a resident/homeowner in Pacific.  I sat back and watched one of the most negative political campaigns conducted by then, write in candidate Cy Sun last year and frankly was amazed he got elected.  Since Mayor Sun has been in office he has crippled this city and it's ability to function by refusing to work with elected officians as well as city management.  He has jepordized current Federal money with the co-project with the city of Sumner and essentially operated as a "loose cannon"  He has operated in a fashion that does not represent the democratic process, and when asked to comment he has refused and apparently feels that he dosen't have to answer to anyone...He's have the power to stop this insanity you have read about in the paper and seen on TV...the time to act is today....recall Mayor Cy Sun...and send a message to other electeted officals that the silent majority is alive, awake and veryt well in the city of Pacific.

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